TinkerHub Story #5

Settling for a safe job without exploring your options could be the worst you can do to yourself.

When life throws challenges at you, it’s easy to give up, sit back and mourn. But it takes some real courage and determination to fight back and win against all the odds. Do you know what’s more difficult? …


Let’s catch up! TinkerHub is co-hosting IEDC Summit 2019

The hottest entrepreneurship summit in Asia is back! And like last year, TinkerHub Foundation has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Why should you attend IEDC Summit 2019?


Learning Stations: Ever been to a science fair? A learning station is similar, only this time, you learn about cutting edge technology. Learn anything; but more importantly, learn to…

Going Global

TinkerHub is teaming up with communities and technology leaders from all over the world to intervene in the imminent tech talent crisis.

We are Partnering with Global Leaders to Solve India’s Skill Gap Problem

You want to learn.

You want to know how to do things like “those smart engineers” do.

Maybe you want to land that dream job.

Or maybe you want to start your own company.

But you are clueless as to where you stand or what you need to get there.

TinkerHub Foundation

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