Getting bored sitting at home? Here is a primer on how to enjoy Reddit, the absolute best website to waste your time. Quarantined or not.

What is Reddit?

Reddit went mainstream at least 6 years ago and it surprises me when I meet people who have no idea what it is.

Reddit is actually a giant discussion board. …

This tutorial has been updated on 6th September, 2019. If you have done the tutorial before, you’ll need to do it again. The biggest change is now you get a responsive web page to add channels and stations.

Create your own Alexa Radio Skill with your favourite streaming stations or audiobooks. Once deployed, you can say “Alexa, open radio” and Alexa will start streaming your custom station.

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Adding and deleting your stations is a breeze with a responsive web page your API will automatically serve. …

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a personal chatbot that will send you cool stuff throughout the day? Maybe update you on the status of your home devices or send cute cat pics from Reddit?

Let’s build one that sends you the top posts from your favourite subreddits. You can extend it of course with whatever content you want to send.

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The bot will send you top posts from the subreddits you specify

For this, we need three things:

  1. Facebook Page
    A Facebook Messenger bot is associated with a Facebook Page. You need to sign up as a Developer and then create a Page.
  2. Dialogflow
    A Google company, Dialogflow helps in NLP (Natural Language Processing). This will help later when you want to extend your bot to respond to specific things.


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