When rescue workers pulled Sammy out of the rubble she could not believe herself. The first thing did was to cover her eyes from the sin, which she hadn’t seen in last 48 hours. Overjoyed by his survival, she gave a big wave to cheering bystanders.

April 25 dawned sunny and temperate in Nepal, Sammy recalls. She breezed through har evening classes in the music school and enjoyed a lunch of fried fish and chicken curry before heading towards his boyfriend Jimmy’s house.

At 11.56 was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934, the 2015 Nepal earthquake upended her world, the time was frozen on the face of broken town clock there. On the very onset of the shaking she fell down but managed to crouch as the shaking intensified and reach to nearby town hall. It proved to be a fateful decision. Within seconds, the ceiling started falling, and then the desk started sliding across the collapsing floor. She managed to grab a leg of the desk and held on as the building went into a freefall. Within seconds she was buried alive.

As the dust settled she heard cries for help and then absolute silence. She soon gathered nerves and started crouching with her legs pinned under a chunk of concrete. She could soon realize someone’s presence nearby. It was Mizaqua also 18, had been in her class room of the music school one floor above. Situation compelled hem to be friends. Mizaqua had a cell phone. Efforts to send SMS failed as services were down. Sammy fell asleep two get some relief from the claustrophobia and difficulty of her predicament. Upon awakening, however she would assume that a day had passed when it was probably a few hours. Gradually a day had passed in this manner. Slowly her legs were growing increasingly numb.

Gradually a day had passed in this manner. Sammy, felt extremely hungry and unimaginably thirsty on waking. On Thursday afternoon her fate started taking a twist. She could hear the voices of emergency workers. She tried to gather the strength of shouting but her throat was too parched to do so. Suddenly she sighted twoo rescue waters. She grasped for water. She held her arms out but everything went dark then. On waking she found her way to a hospital on an ambulance surrounded by few people but…… what about Mizaqua……….?

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