If Truth Be Told

If Truth Be Told


So here you are,

it’s not really you;

but this is, by far,

the best we can do.

A mental image

is what we compass.

Should we do damage,

Edith, forgive us.

But, you were long gone

before we’re about.

All we can go on,

what’s left, we make out.

We think you someone,

which I fail to find:

a mythical legend,

which you left behind.

I guess that we should,

to build up what best,

remember that good,

forget all the rest.

If truth be told,

it’s too much a task

to undo untrue,

so we’ll let it last.

Should someone ask us,

we’ll all say the same:

“She was so famous!”

and further your name.

We favor a myth;

let lie, inexact,

deny, or dismiss,

all truth from the fact.

So then, Miss Edith,

let all share in blame:

Fact doesn’t go with

illustrious fame.