The Long Island Sound

a little Mythopoeia….


The Long Island Sound



The high school reunion,

which I won’t attend,

Will be held

in Las Vegas,



I’ll go to Long Island,

out near the end,

Where they still say

in that fun way

“What’s da matta?’’


It’s odd what we say

what we’re really not thinking:

Magician’s with rabbits

and top hats.


When someone will say

Long Island is sinking,

All will await

’til someone tops that.


A marriage of two,

attended by many,

I’ll try not

to be

in the way.


Not knowing the many,

if indeed I know any,

I can lie like the lot

when I say:


The high mountain ranges

of New Mexico

Comes not from tectonics

but fission:


Where the moon

left the place

they still called Socorro,


And left

the high hills

on emission.


And then on Long Island

we’ll all sit to eat,

A custom,

post wedding

chat habit.


And especially nice

at these meals

is the treat


Of eating

each other’s

Welsh Rabbit.



©2011, Marvin Welborn.

Revised 3 July 2014.

Original Publication: Union Station and Paradigm Shift; Xlibris, March 2012

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