How a childish mentality can help you make better art

When I was about 5/6 years old, I went to the amusement park with my Dad and my sister. We went on a couple of fun rides and it was cool and all, but I wanted to got to the ferris wheel, except that my Dad was all like “No, no, we’ll go on that another time”.

So I decided that I was going to go on it anyways and while we were on our way our of the park, I ran away from Dad with my amazing 5 year old speed and jumped on one of the pods. I looked down at all the little people and see my Dad staring at me; it was it this point that I knew that I was in so much trouble.

I don’t remember what happened next, but my Dad was not happy I remember that much.

Today, I’m really scared of heights. Before going on any crazy rides I mentally go through all the things that can possibly go wrong, and while I’m on it I think to myself how bad of an idea it was to do it and wonder “why do people like doing this anyway”?!

How many of us can relate to this? How many of us find ourselves remembering and missing the days we were adventurous and crazy and fearless, we made best friends all the time and wrote poems for our parents which we were super proud of.

The problem isn’t really that as we grow up we don’t go on ferris wheels, it’s that we lose that fearless attitude we once had. We worry more, care what others think, even if it doesn’t matter. We try to be more careful with our work even when we don’t have an audience. We avoid certain ideas because they’re “too crazy”.

But at the same, the people we admire the most, the people we look up to, are the people that take the most risks, that did “something crazy”, that had a crazy idea and went with it.

When we were young we just didn’t care, didn’t care about anything or anyone and all we wanted to do was have fun.

We would experiment with everything, draw on the walls, make noise with the piano, make new friends everywhere and we would be so proud of ourselves for trying something new.

Doing whatever we want to do with no fear or worries is a skill most of us have lost with time, but if we want to make good art we must re-learn this skill, we must find ways to re-teach ourselves how care less.

Obviously we cannot act 100% how we used to when we were 5 or 6 years old, things have changed now, we have responsibilities, things to take care of. But there are many aspects of being young that can help us become better artists.

Do something even if you’re afraid of it, not caring what others might think of us, experiment with crazy ideas, you never know where you might end up…

So unleash your inner 5-year-old self and go wild.

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