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The modern PMO — a bridge between waterfall and agile project management

Project Management

Is it agile? Can you do that? Do you need this at all?
What does it look like, the “right” program management in a “VUCA” world?

„Companies that successfully scale up agile see major changes in their business. Scaling up shifts the mix of work so that the business is doing more innovation relative to routine operations. The business is better able to read changing conditions and priorities, develop adaptive solutions, and avoid the constant crises that so frequently hit traditional hierarchies.“ — Jeff Sutherland, co-developer of the SCRUM framework

Everywhere we look, we see projects. More and more, simultaneously…

A new strategic partnership between Swedish furniture giant IKEA and Chinese technology upstart Xiaomi will have major implications for the smart home. And with the two companies experiencing significant headwinds in their respective industries, it also represents a lifeline for them both.

A Trojan Horse for Smart Home technology

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company that has rapidly flourished into a multibillion-dollar concern. The company prides itself on its “ecosystem” strategy — selling not just smartphones but also a variety of gadgets and household products.

These range from simple pens to travel equipment to electric kick-scooters (where it has a manufacturing monopoly, Xiaomi =…

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At this year’s SxSW there were yet again just too many sessions to decide with a good conscious which to visit. So much interesting stuff — from some of the really obvious topics like Connected Mobility, Bots or AI, to the more hidden, unexpected ones like a growing awareness for the importance of Trust or the “Offline 1st” approach. So, let’s talk about the latter.

From Mobile First to Offline First was the title. Maureen McElaney from IBM and Nolan Lawson from Microsoft discussed the offline usage of mobile devices with Gregor Martynus from Hoodie and Dan Zajdband, developer and…

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