Don’t Count Meowt
Arnold Plotnick

I had no idea you had retired. Funny, everyone talks about the time before retiring, the parties and celebrations, the last week, the last shift, the last patient, etc etc. But rarely is the time afterwards talked about. At least not in any kind of way that isn’t overtly melodramatic, or in some Hollywood film with an aging actor who walks around in unclean clothes and a stubbly beard until he meets a teenager one day at the park who reminds him that life isn’t over and yadda yadda, he meets some widow in the park, cue Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher”, throw a son or daughter in there he no longers speaks to playe by the Zach Efron of the day… you see what I mean? But this post was fantastic. Real. Played out in a series of non dramatic, just very real, vignettes. I could see you making omelettes, cat rubbing by your leg, then a shot of you in the distance scooping litter, having a bit spill and hearing a slight sigh. Loved this post. More Bergman than 90s Hollywood. 
All I can say is congratulations. And enjoy. And do what you like. 
And thank you. 
I imagine you’ve had everyone with an account at your practice tell you how wonderful you’ve been but Ana and I could not have gone through Carlota and Django dying without you to make sure we made all the right decisions. They got what they needed, but we in turn got what we needed as well. You really, in fairness, have been working two jobs for all these years. One: scientist - evaluating, experimenting, observing and learning, and Two: therapist — counselling, comforting, reassuring and in a way training all the people who the cats you saw were in the care of, for better or for worse. We learned so much about cats from you, we were prompted to read more about behaviour, health, I even started following the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery on a regular basis to understand the cat more from your perspective. When we adopt a cat, always rescues, as we did before leaving Paris before moving to Quebec we again ran through things we’d been through with you. The methodical and straight to business, best for the cat, approach we always had working alongside you is what cats see when they move in with us in the hopes that in some way, Dr. Plotnick’s care finds its way — albeit less effectively — through our own.

I apologise for the length of this reply, I do hope you read it, I’ll tag you online to make sure you do. Do what you gotta do with this time. You’ve earned the right to dedicate yourself to all those things you wish you’d had time for. Even if that was just the very enriching goal of perfecting an omelette. It’s more complex a task than people think.

Big hugs from Ana and I and all our best.

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