Best Cannabis Seed Banks that Ship to the USA (Legally)

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There are so many conflicting and unclear laws about marijuana in the US and abroad, so it can be confusing to find seed banks that ship to the USA. In the US, cannabis seeds are generally considered to be a marijuana product, just like flowers and edibles, so the legality of buying them differs from state to state.

Here I’m taking a look at the best seed banks to order from if you’re in a US state where Cannabis is legal. There’s a mixture of both international and American seed banks on this list, but you should bear in mind that orders from international sellers will probably take longer to arrive. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best online seeds banks that ship to the USA!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are referral links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn extra seeds if you click through and make a purchase. I review each seed bank thoroughly and recommend only the very best.

Best Overall — I Love Growing Marijuana

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-Free shipping to all the United States and Europe
-Discreet stealth packaging
-9.4/10 rating on Trustpilot
-Options for feminized, autoflower, beginner seeds, and more
-Big name strains like White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
-“Grow Bible” guidebook and 24/7 support
-Longstanding and reputable company

-They spam you with offers a little bit
-Tracked delivery costs $25 extra, which seems excessive

I mean, this website says it all in the name really. Robert Bergman, the founder of ILGM, has been a weed grower for 25+ years, learning lots of tips and tricks in that time. In 2012, he started I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the best places to buy cannabis seeds online for both Americans and Europeans. The site offers free shipping to all US states and Europe, with orders usually arriving on your doorstep in less than 10 days.

The great thing about this website is the sheer number of options and categories available to you. On the main menu tabs alone, you have options for feminized seeds, autoflowers, beginner seeds, medical marijuana seeds, mixed packs, seed-growing nutrients, grow kits and deals. All of their seeds are authentic and come with a germination guarantee, so you can rest assured that you won’t be stuck with dud seeds.

There are additional options and categories that cater to your personal needs as a grower, and that’s something I really appreciate. There are seeds for warm climates, cool climates, indoor growing, outdoor growing, high yields, high THC, high CBD, and a whole lot more. Everyone’s weed-growing situation is different so it’s great to have so many options available to you.

Some of the top strains on their site include Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, White Widow, Blueberry Autoflower and Bergman’s Gold Leaf. My god, the bud on some of these plants looks absolutely amazing — I can only imagine how great they are to smoke.

As someone who’s visited Amsterdam quite a few times, I decided to buy the Amnesia Haze Autoflower seeds. I’m not the world’s best grower, so autoflowers are ideal for me, and I really like that slight citrusy taste of this strain. The high tends to make me smiley and easily amused by things, which is nice after a long day. It also helps me to reminisce about hanging around in coffeeshops and being accosted by hookers in the red light district. Good times.

I really like how they lay out their product pages for the seeds you’re looking at. It’s one thing to say “this seed is an indica” or “this seed is a sativa” but that doesn’t give you much to go off. ILGM give you the sativa-indica ratio, as well as the THC level, CBD level, yield amounts, plant height, ideal climate, and grow difficulty. They also give you information about how the smoked bud will make you feel when it’s smoked. For instance, Amnesia is apparently great for treating depression and comes with euphoric/uplifting effects.

Once you get to the checkout page, you’ll have multiple options for payment, including bank transfer, bank deposit, credit/debit card and Bitcoin too. If you’re looking to remain as discreet as possible, it makes sense to go with Bitcoin, but if discretion isn’t that important to you, then the range of payment options is really nice. Regular shipping is free, but you can also pay $25 for tracked shipping if you want.

The only thing I don’t like is that they spam you a little bit with 50% offers for other seeds during this phase. Even the best US seedbanks can be a little bit spammy at times, but this website is so sleek and well-designed that it feels “above” all that. Nonetheless, my seeds arrived discreetly in 5 days and they’re already starting to sprout, so there are no complaints on my end.

Best Seed Selection — Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL)

Picture of weed seed shop
Picture of weed seed shop


-Longstanding Dutch seed bank — going since 1999
-Range of feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds
-Quiz to help you pick the best seeds for you
-15% off bitcoin orders
-Stock winners of Cannabis Cup and High Times Cup
-Variety of different shipping options, including stealth shipping
-FREE SEEDS with every order — great for trying new strains


-International shipping — it could take a few weeks
-Delivery isn’t free unless you’re buying a lot of seeds
-Delivery to the US costs more
-They use confusing charts to describe their strains

If you’re looking for the best place to buy marijuana seeds from overseas, MSNL is the place you need to be. This Netherlands-based seed bank has been going since 1999, so it has 20+ years of experience in selling top-quality seeds to customers. They have options for feminized, autoflowering, regular, outdoor, indoor, and high CBD seeds, among others.

One of my favorite things about the MSNL seeds website is their “What marijuana strain are you?” quiz which helps you to find out which MSNL seeds you should try according to your growing conditions, your weed preferences, and what exactly you want from your finished bud. At the end of the quiz, you’re presented with 4 options of weed seeds that fit with your personality, growing skills, and climate. It’s a really nice idea for new growers.

According to MSNL, their seeds have a germination rate of 90%, which sounds promising. I like that they’re very upfront about this rate and don’t guarantee you 100% germination as some seed banks do. The seeds are hand-checked by MSNL’s expert staff, all of whom have loads of experience in Amsterdam marijuana seeds, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a top product.

MSNL stock big name strains and the winners of Cannabis Cup and High Times Cup awards, including White Widow, Northern Lights, Grandaddy Purps and Buddha. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, these are the high-strength award-winning weeds that you’re going to find in the best coffeeshops.

One of the best things about MSNL seeds is that they give you FREE seeds to try with every order, so you end up growing the weed you asked for as well as a couple of new or upcoming strains too. This is a really cool way to try new seeds and help new seed strains to get the attention they need in a busy market. I decided to go for some White Widow, and I was delighted to find a wide variety of shipping options.

If you’re looking for standard delivery where the seeds are just placed in a padded envelope, then it costs £4.95. If you want “stealth” delivery, that costs £9.95. If you want guaranteed stealth delivery which features more advanced tracking, then it costs £15.95. It’s the same value in dollars, it just fluctuates with the exchange rate, so the £4.95 delivery is currently about $6.25. If you’re buying a bulk amount of seeds, you can get free delivery at different levels depending on where you’re shipping and how much you’re spending.

The deliveries usually get to the US in 6–12 days, but they can take a few weeks sometimes so bear that in mind. When you’re purchasing the weed seeds, it shows you a little written biography of the strain and it uses a little pointy graph to tell you about the taste, feel, and type of high that the strain gives you. Personally, I’m not a big fan of these particular kinds of graph-style infographics because I don’t think they’re very easy to read and you have to think about them quite hard to understand what you’re paying for.

You can pay via multiple different methods, including credit/debit card, cash, check, bank wire or bitcoin. If you buy with bitcoin, you actually get a 15% discount off your order. Don’t forget as well that all orders come with FREE seeds for you to try, and that’s a really good added bonus. I ended up with 5 free Afghan Reg seeds and 3 free Cherry Kush Feminized seeds. They’re not as nice as my White Widow plants, but they’re certainly still worth a drag.

Best for user recommendations — Crop King Seeds

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-Germination guide to help new growers
-80% germination rate
-Unique “5 crown” ranking system to help find reputable strains
-Useful infographics about THC-CBD ratio and genetics
-Simple and familiar e-commerce layout
-Free delivery on orders over $300

-Orders under $300 have to pay $10 for regular delivery
-$10 regular shipping is quite slow for a domestic seed bank — 7–14 business days
-Not as much range of seeds as other seed banks
-Website feels like its aimed at beginners

Crop King Seeds has a more simple layout than many of the competitors on this list, but this American seed bank features large sections for feminized, autoflower, high-CBD, and regular weed seeds, giving you a fair amount of choice. One thing I like is their heavily promoted “Germination” section which gives you step by step instructions on how to guarantee that 80% of their seeds reach germination. 80% seems a little low compared to some of the best online seed banks, but maybe they’re just being realistic.

One of my favorite things about this cannabis seed bank is its “5 crown” rating system which is similar to a “5 star” rating system. This rating system is controlled by various unbiased user reviews, so it’s a really great way to try new strains that are recommended by other Crop King Seeds customers. This way, you can order seeds which are actually worth growing rather than buying whatever the seed bank is pushing on you that week.

The site itself has a fairly generic e-commerce layout similar to Amazon or something like that. You can filter through the seeds by choosing their type, genetics, THC percentage, and CBD percentage. It’s simple, but I do think it’s an effective way to narrow down your options, especially if you’re not used to finding weed seed for sale online.

I decided to invest in some Early Miss Autoflower, which was one of my recommended options when I applied my filters of choice. On the product order page, you are given a decent amount of information about the strain you’re ordering, including its flower time, yield amounts, country of origin (mine was Spain) and its ideal growing environment. You also get a neat pie chart about the indica-sativa-ruderalis ratio and a bar chart that compares the THC and CBD ratios, so you can easily get a snapshot of the strain you’re buying at a glance.

Shipping is free if you’re ordering more than $300 worth of seeds, but I can’t quite afford that, so I was forced to pay for my shipping. Regular shipping costs $10 and takes 7–14 business days to arrive, which is a bit on the long side, while express registered shipping with tracking and guaranteed insurance delivery costs $30, which is a little steep if you’re not ordering shitloads of seeds.

Seedbank With the Fastest Shipping Time to America— Quebec Cannabis Seeds

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-15+ years’ experience as a cannabis seed bank
-20% discount for Bitcoin payments
-Stealth shipping method
-Charged under non-obvious company name
-Various autoflower, feminized, CBD, regular and mixed seeds
-US customers charged in US dollars (not Canadian dollars)


-Less sophisticated website
-Ambiguous delivery windows
-Minimum order amount of $70
-3.8% fee on credit card payments
-Only 1 shipping option with a standard $10 charge

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a site which is designed for people who already have experience in growing cannabis seeds, or at least it gives you that impression. The pretty basic website has been running for more than 15 years now, with QCS supplying Canada and the rest of the world with high-quality seeds for nearly 2 decades at this point.

There’s a bunch of different strains and types on offer, including autoflowers, feminized, regular, high-CBD, outdoor, mixed packs, and limited edition seeds. You can request information about the strains you’re interested in, but it’s presented in simple paragraphs and bullet points, a bit like an eBay product description. It’s not the most sophisticated online seed bank in the world but it does the job if you’re experienced and know what you’re looking for.

QCS use discreet stealth shipping for all of their deliveries, but they give you quite vague delivery windows for when their products will arrive, which doesn’t fill me with confidence. You have to spend a minimum of $70 to qualify for delivery, so this website is best for people who are splashing out on a couple of different seed types at once.

After being told I needed to meet the $70 order requirement, I bought some Amnesia Haze Feminized and Blueberry seeds, mainly because the Blueberry sounded tasty and it would go nicely with my Blueberry rips. You get charged under the company name: “CANADA BLOOM” which is a little confusing because there’s a huge flower festival in Ontario called “Canada Blooms” too. If you’re really into gardening, then you’ll be stealthy as fuck.

US customers will be charged in US dollars, so you don’t need to mess about converting Canadian dollars or anything like that. You can pay in a bunch of different ways, but bear in mind that credit card payments will accrue a fee of 3.8%. However, if you’re paying via Bitcoin, you can get a 20% discount on your order, which is one of the highest Bitcoin discounts I’ve seen.

Best Seed Bank for Breeders — Seedsman

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Seedsman is another one of the most trusted seed banks that ships to the US, and it’s definitely geared toward growers who have some considerable experience. Seedsman actually host a yearly “Photo Cup” competition where they encourage their growers to send in photos of their grown crops, preferably with a fun, impressive, or creative twist of some sort.

The best thing about Seedsman is their huge variety of licensed breeders — they have a long A-Z list of all the breeders’ seeds that they stock. If you’re looking for a niche or big-name breeder, you’ll probably find their seeds stocked here. You’ll also find all your usual sections for autoflowering/feminized seeds, as well as entire sections for variations on popular strains like Sour Diesel, White Widow, and Skunk, Cheese, and Northern Lights.

Seedsman stock a bunch of award-winning seeds, as well as some really specific categories that are tailored to your growing location. For instance, you can buy mold-resistant strains, quick flowering strains, and seeds which can be grown at high altitude. I’m looking at you, Colorado!

Each product has reviews at the bottom of its page, although they seem a tad skewed on the positive side for me. However, when you buy seeds, you receive both free seeds (reminiscent of MSNL seeds) and loyalty points for buying with the company.

If you purchase with bitcoin, you get 15% off, and if it’s your first time using bitcoin to pay, you get a whopping 25% off! The only downside is that the delivery add-on charges are steep — my order price nearly doubled due to a $9.04 delivery insurance fee and an $8.98 delivery charge.


-Sells accessories like storage jars, hemp bags, and informational books
-A-Z list of breeders
-Many, many types of seed stocked
-Products come with user reviews to help you decide
-Free seeds with every order
-15% bitcoin discount
-Unique loyalty points system for regular customers


-Cheap-feeling ads across the front page of the website
-User reviews feel a little biased and unrealistic (very few critical reviews)
-Steep charges for delivery and insurance (mine totaled $18.02)

How safe is it to buy seeds online and ship them to the US?

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Although you’d think that ordering cannabis seeds in the mail is risky, there’s actually very little risk involved if you’re ordering from an overseas seed bank. You see, due to US customs laws, you will not be put on a list if your cannabis seeds are intercepted in the international mail. The most likely scenario is that your seeds won’t be found, and if they are, then customs will throw them away and send you a fancy letter which says they were confiscated. No one will be knocking at your door.

However, USA seed banks can get in a lot of trouble for shipping cannabis seeds across state borders, even if it’s between 2 legal states. It’s a strange quirk of the federal legal system, but you’re still very unlikely to be affected. If your seeds are found, they’ll most likely be confiscated and the seller chastised. The authorities would rather go after the seller than an individual buyer like yourself — it’s a waste of their time to pursue you unless you’re obviously growing weed illegally.

If you’re getting your seeds shipped to the US and you’re worried about them being intercepted, a lot of the best online seed banks will offer “stealth shipping”. This basically refers to discreet shipping methods where your weed seeds are hidden inside non-related objects such as DVD cases before being shipped. This helps to stop your package getting flagged as suspicious.

When it comes to the shipping, you do not want to request expedited deliveries or deliveries which require a signature. The last thing you want to do is draw more attention to your package or officially sign your name for a delivery of cannabis seeds. Duh. Also, if you’re going to be ordering a large number of seeds, consider multiple small orders from various vendors — this spreads your risk instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

Finally, consider what payment option you want to use and how it’s going to be charged. If you’re looking to stay super under the radar, then bitcoin is the most encrypted form of currency and it’s basically untraceable. Many of the top seed banks actually offer discounts if you pay in bitcoin. Alternatively, you could pay via credit card, as credit card purchases tend to be better protected and insured if things go awry.

Finding weed seed for sale online is no easy feat, especially if you’re looking for American seed banks that ship discreetly. Nonetheless, I hope that this guide to the best online seed banks has given you some guidance and helped you to find a weed seed seller that’s right for you, your needs, and your living situation.

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Legalize marijuana movement activist, currently growing cannabis in Northern California.

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