So I Was Born With White Privilege. Now What?
Brian bkmacdaddy McDaniel

Think recognition is a great start. Myself, I have African privilege (for one). It took a while to overcome shame & guilt about it to get to a place where I could look around see how to counter my cascading levels of privilege for those who don’t have it.

People don’t think of African and privilege together because the media portrayal of the 50+ countries there is one of war, poverty and dictatorships or corrupt democracies.

That exists too, but my parents were in the privileged class there, and gave birth to us here as Americans, we had certain insulations against both racism and poverty that other black people we grew up didn’t.

We had familial wealth. We lived, for a time, in a nation where black people ran everything. That’s privilege too.

Learning was also a big deal for me. They don’t teach an in-depth history of African Americans, even during black history month.

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