Invisible No More: Wonder Women Take Flight

The story of Wonder Woman has been around for 7 decades, but has never felt more relevant. An inspiring story of a woman who knew no boundaries, a story the world needed to hear again. The film took domestic and international markets by storm, solidifying strong female characters as role models for generations of female movie goers. The efforts of the cast and crew were led by Director Patty Jenkins who knew from the beginning that she had to do this story justice. She demanded a $100 million budget and she got it. Patty’s determination gave the film the budget it deserved while also making history as the most expensive female-directed film. ‘Wonder Woman’ powered past the $100 million box-office milestone, making over $220 million during its global opening. With over 2.19 million tweets and counting, the social buzz surrounding the film has spread the message of #WonderWoman far and wide, solidifying her as a bonafide global hero. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and everyone who played a part in this film have proven to the world that women can and will make progress for equality in the workplace.
Wonder Woman isn’t just a film about a female hero, it’s a film directed by a woman who’s disrupting the workforce and inspiring women worldwide to do the same. We are moved by Patty Jenkins. Wonder Woman will be a tale told in Hollywood and beyond, united a feminist battle cry that will echo through time.
As a company co-owned by a woman and composed of 55% women, Tiny Horse is empowered by Wonder Woman’s journey to the big screen. This is the time of breaking barriers, and Tiny Horse is honored to be a part of the mission. Tiny Horse strives to create and promote content that instills unity and passion, allowing the the spirit of Wonder Women and feminist everywhere to have a creative outlet. The future of justice begins with her, but it is our job to continue the movement.