Results of the first day of crowd sale

I just glanced through the whitepaper, and it’s unclear to me why a token sale is needed for this project. (It’s also unclear how your system will work on a technical level, as the paper I have in front of me is more of a marketing whitepaper than a technical one — if you have something more technical, or even better, prototype Solidity code I could look at, that would be very helpful. All I see on your Github is a documents repository, FWIW.) I see the proposed utility value of the token and it seems to me that all of these things could be done easily and with less friction for the user in ETH. Is the token sale solely as a fundraising tool, or is it necessary for some functional reason that I’m missing?

If you’re going to use machine learning algorithms and “big data” to generate value, what part of the system needs to be (or even benefits from being) decentralized? Meaningful ML (i.e., fancy neural nets) and big data aren’t things that you can do on-chain as a practical matter. Does your project rely on Golem (or similar) being completed / coming online / being secure and scaling properly in order to decentralize, and if so, how far along does it need to be (e.g., equivalent of Brass, Clay, Stone, Iron)? How will it impact your project if this doesn’t happen in the short term? Is it ok for your project to temporarily operate in a centralized manner, and if so, why wouldn’t that work for the long-term?

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