Tufenya bufenyi,

Ne bi wundu ebyomwoyo!

Kuba bagandabbaffe mubasse, kumakya nga kamela Zilaba,

nga abatto balaba,

nga ensi yonna elaba.

The first virtual Femrite Literary Week of activities since 2000!

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Harriet Anena, Author of A Nation in Labour, giving a master class workshop on day 4 , 29th October 2020, of the FEMRITE Week of Literary Activities.

The week of activities started today, on the 26th October 2020. Hilda Twongyeirwe, The executive Director of Femrite in her opening remarks informs the viewers on zoom, live Facebook and Twitter that “the this event, the Femrite Literary Week of activities started back in 2000, it’s been around all these years because it shines a light on what we do in the country and the importance of literature.”

Juliet Katushabe, a proud member of Femrite, who is part of the “task force” says that the week of Literary activities should have been in June but because of covid it was pushed to October. …


Women hold up half the sky

Chinese proverb


Part 1

I wake up, in my dream, and go to my big sister’s room that is just opposite my beige, book-filled and magazine filled room asking to borrow her iPhone charger as mine was snatched by the city thieves around Pioneer Mall earlier this March. I would totally cut their balls off if l ever caught them dawg, those thieves, totally cut their egoistic shit off. Or maybe l would rape their wives in front of their ugly faces (LMFAO, this is me getting carried away with my imagination because l have been reading a lot of Charles Bukowski’s “South Of No North. …

personal picture of an African antique head frame
personal picture of an African antique head frame

For once, l read all the copyright, patent and year of writing and publishing information of the book, the starting pages of the book. The God of small things was written by ARUNDHATI ROY, who was trained as an architect. She worked as a production designer and has written the screenplays for two films. She lives in New Delhi. The God of Small Things won England’s most prestigious literary award, The Booker Prize, in 1997.

The reason l read all the starting page information, containing all the copyrights and publishing information, is because l had seen a black and white Daguerreotype of her young self on an Instagram page that l relished. This Instagram page had a kind of “great people portfolio, consisting of their photos in black and white, with captions consisting of great quotes by these great people. So this beautiful day in April, of the year 2019, it was ARUNDHATI ROY on display, it was a black and white photo of her smoking, writing, looking so young and beautiful, l had never heard of her, ever, and the caption beside her displayed Daguerreotype went like…

Am tired of pretending, l love electronic music, l love Georgia Giovanni Morada, l love Donna summers, l love disco music, l love to be thin, l want to eat vegetables all day, l think of cigarettes the entire day but l won’t take them, because I have read some Taoism and I have learnt to control myself, ah, l’d love to love you baby, a record by Donna summer being sampled by Beyonce, time after time , history repeats it’s self.

The idea of driving, is like the idea of the future, to be young, to be able to dance, to be able to read, to be able to evolve, to be able to invent new words, to be able to act mad, to be mad, to be able to be a bad girl. To be able to be a good girl. That’s all hot stuff, but l wanna make heaven , so l hide out, and write, and romanticize Shakespeare endlessly “ To wing our way to heaven, all we need are…

I feel like how a fresh new day that has never been lived feels. “ Hey, the roof is leaking, and the rain is falling on my head, it wont stop, I need a mop.” Songs at the end of movies or the end of episodes take my breath away, this line was from the end of the one the episodes of one of my favorite series ‘Ozark’.

I danced with her last night, a kind of twirling around on your feet kind of dance, she was showing me how she used to dance with my father when they went to the disco, after they had just got married, she says he was man of food, he liked to cook, he liked huge dinners and he liked to cook with her or cook for her. …

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It feels like I’m going insane, am I the one who’s crazy?

One day, when l cut my hair off, l was running up the stairs of campus, like am 18 years old, free, and a certain man, who l found out later, to be 39 years, greeted me with a smile, l replied to his greeting with the same cheerful smile, and continued on my way up, after a few minutes, l came back down because who l was looking for was not in their office, and on my way down, the 39-year-old man was right where l left him, and this time around, he asked if he could talk to me, I said no problem, thinking he needed a certain office around faculty and maybe needed help with directions, which I found out to be true when he began talking to me, as he said, am a master’s student, pursuing a masters degree in Public Health, an institution that was out of the main campus, so he was not familiar with the workings of the main campus, the lecturer he needed to talk to had been my lecturer when l was a freshman, and so l was able to direct him, l actually offered to take him to the office, we did not find the lecturer there, so we had to take the steps back down to where we came from together. …

God, the big stone that sits at the bottom of your entire being when you wake up, wanting to stay asleep and adrift for eternity. The sinking feeling of hopelessness, feeling like a broken vessel that cannot hold water no more.

Birds are chirping outside, the sun is escalating through my one bedroom windows, but there is no meaning as to why l should be up on a new day, the pangs of the devil are dug deep, i want to instead throw myself into an early grave.

Depression, I hate it, I wish it would leave me alone for once, the roots that had made home on my head, l let it all go today , 17th March 2019, l do not know how l feel without hair on my head , but all i know is that the ugly sinking feeling of the morning is no longer overwhelming and code V for Vendetta comes to mind, so l will go outside into the rain and let myself go as it rains down unto my bare skull. …

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This is how the word die is described in the American Heritage Dictionary that my friend gave to me to use temporarily,

“die: died, dying, dies.

  1. To cease living; expire.
  2. To cease existing, esp by degrees; fade: The sunlight died in the west.
  3. To lose vitality, activity, or force; subside: The winds died down.
  4. To cease existing completely: tribal customs that died out centuries ago.
  5. To experience an agony or suffering suggestive of that of death: nearly died of embarrassment.
  6. Informal. To desire greatly: lam dying to go.
  7. To cease operation; stop: The motor suddenly died.”

It’s rather ghostly, the weather this month, and it has made me rather dismal, pushing me to the limits of my thoughts, towards the dark side of the thoughts, thinking endlessly about Death. For a while now, l have been debarred from the city’s gaiety, the university hostel’s gaiety and the gaiety of being around my friends. That’s months, ever since my sister pulled me away from my hostel room back to her house, which is about four miles from the university, same miles away from town and about 5 miles from where I used to stay, have parties, and spend smoke-filled, music-filled evenings and nights with my friends. …

“Django girls made me a better girl”

“They said the keyboard would unsex us”.

I remember the day I got to the Django Girls opportunity, it was through one of my guy friends, he saw the message which was concerning girls, he said it was a very good opportunity but it was inviting girls only, l was like huh: really, he said “Yeah, really, you should register”

I wasn’t in the literal sense any good at programming/coding but you know , i always wanted to be good at it, even though I didn’t do anything about it and l thought it was really hard, only “ boy’s thing”. …



Imagine a world where everyone is cared for, even the mentally ill!

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