Things I Write But Never Say
Ashley Simpo

If was life we was begiven ,

Then tell me why people judge others because

They may not understand that everybody is disabled in someway…

I lay in bed tears running down my eyes wondering why i was ever born,

God chosen me for a reason only time will tell….Our hopes

& dreams seem to fade away but often we have to fight for we need….

If life was truly a blessing please tell me why people so crule & unforegiving…

Sorry they may say but yet how they love to judge disabled people & call us Nasty name with out asking what is really

Asking why or what is wrong with you what was you born with?

If only people knew every day to day life for disabled people is pain or

Much more how many times do we have to cry or bleed because people love

To bully others i this poem for all disabled people out there

written by tinyelf13©® 7:21pm


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