Diaper Bag Dump: Audrey’s Travel Necessities

Hi friends, Holly here! I am Audrey’s mom & I am excited to get the chance to share with all of the Tiny Fancy followers today. A great diaper bag is a mom’s best friend. I don’t just mean the actual bag (which is important) but also stocking it with the right products inside. So today I wanted to share with you a look into my diaper bag & all of the necessities I swear by when Audrey & I are out adventuring.

  • Kate Spade Purse — This isn’t an actual diaper bag, it is a big bucket bag & I bought a diaper bag organizer to put inside of it. This organizer is great because I can transfer it from purse to purse, making any of my larger purses a diaper bag for the day.
  • Diapers & Wipes — I am an avid Pampers fan! I use their swaddler diaper line & their sensitive wipes. I have used them since day 1 & I don’t have a single complaint.
  • Zebi Baby Swaddle Blanket — These are the best because they are so multi-purpose. It provides warmth as a blanket, can be used as a car seat cover when your babe is sleeping or the sun is blaring down & it can be used as a burp cloth if your in a bind.
  • Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Disposal Bags — A MUST! Especially if you do a lot of travel & have to change stinky diapers in the back of the car. They are deodorized & keep your diaper bag from stinking up until you find a trash can.
  • Burp Cloth, Bib & Baby Food — You never know when hunger will strike or if a trip takes an unexpected turn & lasts longer then anticipated.
  • Boogie Wipes — Clean up those stuffy noises! Especially useful this time of the year.
  • Sunblock & Aquaphor — I always have travel sizes of these on hand because you never know when a rash will pop up or the sun decides to come out while your eating lunch on a restaurant patio.
  • Hyland’s Teething Tablets! — I love these all-natural Hylands tablets. They dissolve on the tongue & provide a soothing feeling to the aching babes gums. Such a lifesaver for mommy & baby when they are crying from teething pain & nothing else helps ease it.
  • Tommee Tippee Pacifier — My chicky uses one when she goes to sleep, so I always bring one in case nap time hits while we are out (& these are orthodontic shape!).
  • Origins Lip Gloss — Because this doubles as your purse, don’t forget to pack some things for mom :)
  • Books — I always keep one with me for those moments where we are stuck waiting for something. She loves books & they hold her attention for a long time. Since its December, of course we have a Christmas book!
  • Toys — I always have 2–3 with me! Butterfly Teether / Rattle / Monkey
  • Honest Healing Balm — I use this on any diaper rash that pops up!
  • Sunnies from Janie & Jack — For sunny car rides & outdoor adventures.
  • Big Fat Bunny — This is Audrey’s favorite stuffy that she holds & will nap with (a.k.a — the stuffy that goes everywhere with us!)
  • Change of Clothes — Because you never know when disaster will strike! Onesie/Headband

That is what I tote around for baby Audrey! Comment below if you have an questions about any of the products I have talked about. Also feel free to share any diaper bag recommendations you have as well!

-Holly (Audrey’s Mommy :)