Diaries of Ivy: Walking Shoes & Bunnies Too!

A couple of weeks ago I shared a flat lay of all of the things pictured here in today’s style post! We love supporting small shops around here, for one because we ourselves are a small shop (love my Tiny Fancies glitter onesie or what?!), and also because we know someone’s personal heart went into creating something in hopes that a little one like me would love it!

A good pair of walking shoes is the on the top of our list these days because a toddling girl knows, you can’t just get by with any ole shoe! We are all heart eyes for Mon Petit Shoes right now because they are exactly that — comfy, stylish, give the barefoot stability that a learner walker needs, and dthey actually STAY ON!! Thank you Julie for creating the perfect shoe!!

The bunny is my current fave — that changes from week to week as most readers know, but I’m loving this Alimrose one because it’s light enough that I can walk it around with me everywhere, and it’s the cutest litte one I’ve ever seen! We purchased ours a dreamy little store in Franklin, TN — Rock Paper Scissors.

The bow is from one of our faves around here — Free Babes! If you’ve been following along, you know our love for them! Be sure to check out their bows for so much cuteness that will compliment every outfit.

We love collaborating with other small shops — so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in collaborating with us fancy girls!;) For more of Tiny Fancies, follow along on Instagram & Pinterest!

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