Day 9 in Trump’s America

Kacey ‘Sunset’ Caviness, professional girl gamer and part-time aunorable woman, wants her voice to be heard. So listen.

She is tired of how women are treated. She’s tr — She’s tired of how women are not treated equally. And if there’s anywhere where they’re not treated equally, it’s on [streaming service]. Kaceytron lets her viewers know she does not appreciate them objectifying her in a [sexual] way. And how our new president is oppressing women, and oppressing their right to get the kind of healthcare they need. She just cannot believe there is a room full of men, a room full of men, a room full of men in the White House deciding what she can do with her body.

Kaceytron, also dubbed ‘Sunset’ by her Native American parents, displays disgust

She’s tired of men in Washington making decisions for her and what she can do with her body. It’s her body and if she wants to abort a baby out of it that’s something that’s up to her and not to Mr. Trump. And he’s not her president, by the way. Shut up? Oh, why don’t you come and make her shut up.

Men rule, men rule, men rule.. Yeah. Men rule. And that’s about to change. Ms Cabinets is tired of men ruling wh — what — what is happening in this country.

No one wants to hear your voice Kacey? Well, too bad. Because you’re gonna start hearing her voice a lot more. Because she’s done. She’s done being silent. She is not going to be silent about this anymore. And you can spread your misogyny. Go right ahead. She is stronger than that.

The professional female streamer is tired of still having to protest this [redacted]. See, and she usually doesn’t talk like that. But she is. She’s angry. She can’t believe — she can’t believe that in the year 2017, she has to go and protest her rights as a female.

A headline states ‘Iran will ban Americans from entering the country (..)’. Wow. So now, you’re telling Kacey that, as an American woman, she cannot visit Iran. Maybe she would want to go to Iran. Maybe she would want to go to Iran to protest women’s rights there. So now you’re telling her, that she can’t even go to Iran. This is America. This is supposed to be a melting pot. And how can you just tell her that an entire group of people can’t melt in the pot with all the other people? Like, all of us are already melting. She sighs reluctantly.

Unsurprisingly, Kaceytron is fine with being in the minority with her opinion. That’s fine. She’s used to being in the minority because she’s a woman. She’s — She’s used to being in the minority as a woman. She’s used to fighting the power, if you will. And she’s not afraid of fighting against the power. Because they’re not the ones who have the power.

We tried to tell them. We tried to tell them this would happen. And they just didn’t listen. But maybe they should start listening. Maybe they should start listening. Kacey is tired of people not listening. Because she has a story to tell. So listen. Kacey has a story to tell, so listen to it. And somebody, write it down. Because this story is going to go on for years.