Create a medium account

Medium is a great platform to write blogs. I suggest all founders get a medium account and document their founder’s journey and industry information. It is super easy to create and publish content.

The Tiny Heights’s medium page is

Share your medium accounts links so that I can follow along.

Create Happy Holiday Content

Holiday content is a great way to touch base with your customers. I suggest using to create the content. I would create content for Christmas and New Years.

What other platforms do you use to create your marketing content?

Write out a budget for Q1 2019

Take the time to plan out your personal budget and business budget for January through March. Having this vision written down helps you get aligned in your decision making.

Get a 2019 Agenda

Get a 2019 physical agenda.

Google Calendar is a great resource, but I find it extremely helpful to also have a physical agenda. There is power in writing down your daily plans and I suggest that you take this practice into the New Year.

Places like Ross and Michaels have inexpensive agendas. I personally like smaller agendas that can fit in my purse.

Lace up and get legit

Before the New Year lets legitimize our businesses. I understand that everyone is at a different place financially. So I challenge you to do whatever you can to legitimize your business

  1. Get a DBA, LLC, structure your non-profit or corporation, or trademark your name.

Texas Resources:

DBA: You can get this from the Harris County Clerks Office for $17

Texas LLC: TEXAS SECURITY OF STATE WEBSITE this is around $350

Corporation: Clerky or Stripe Atlas

Trademark: Legal Zoom

An attorney who can structure your company: Erin Mcclarty, PLLC

*I am not a lawyer so please consult with one if you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own.*

Sign up for Calendly

Calendly is a great resource for scheduling meetings. I like it because you can set up your availability and share the link with others and they can schedule your time directly. You can avoid the back and forth emails that come with scheduling a meeting. It’s free and extremely helpful.

Get an inverted logo

When I put my logo on an all black t-shirt. It was clear to me that I needed an inverted and monochromatic logo.

  1. Get a version of your logo that looks great on a black background. Make sure that it is transparent and high resolution. If you don’t have a designer I suggest using and using Fiverdesigns. They will do the logo for under $10 and produce it really quickly.
  2. Put the logo in your data room

Bonus: I would also suggest getting a version of your logo that’s monochromatic (all one color).

Jennifer Drew

Tiny Height’s Founder

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