Self Love

Written by Maureen@editorial

This has been an interesting topic since young. Being brought up by a reassuring mum that reads widely, she has known the importance of self love since the age of dawn. However, it still takes me some trouble to conform to it. Self love often times seem frightening. It’s a little too general and very much confusing. Like, do i hug myself? Through the years of nags, I’ve realised that self love is actually very easy to practise.

It is important to practise self love simply not to feel worthless. Worthlessness comes from feeling not so confident. People who feel worthless tend to gravitate towards dangerous grounds such as hanging out with multiple partners to seek more validation in life which often times leads to bad situations; when a person always look to their partner to make them ‘worthy’ and less ‘empty’, they are making their happiness based on others’ and when the person leaves them they become sducidal. We can also spot people who do not practise self life simply through their actions, they meddle through the milky waters of life with no goals in life, hopping from one paycheck to another. It is very heartbreaking to watch but we must learn to avoid it.

So, how do we practise self love? Marisa Russell from the high achieving woman puts it sweetly: self love is about having thoughts and actions for the future. What does this mean? This means as simply as sleeping early. Sleeping early is an action that has been well thought for the future. Sleeping early is a sign of longevity and serves for meditation and healing purposes, very important for the future us. When we say self love we say not going to clubs, because that increases our opportunity of meeting bad people and we might get into trouble. and thats not very good for ourselves, we don’t take uncalculated risks. When we say self love we mean working with a goal and end in the future, harnessing a skill we’ve been practising with. We do not waste time on nonchalant duties and our goals are well planned. Actions that enrich us in mind and soul are self love. To feel self love is to feel confident and self validated because one is aware that one harnesses the skills and capability to do anything your heart feels the inclination for. therefore self love ensures a fulfilling and generally happy life.

Maureen is a editorial member from tinylittlebookworm’s editorial team. She has written thousands of post on her own personal wordpress sites and is especially interested in emotional intelligence, philosophy and religion. Maureen also occasionally like to share her lifestyle experiences and her fantasy with cats with a cup of hot tea.

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