5 Habits to Give Thanks Daily

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

– Maya Angelou

Every Friday, we make sure to feature a quote on Facebook and Twitter that expresses our thankfulness of our clients, family, and friends. We don’t do this to gain anything, but to be humble in letting our community know that we are here by their grace. It is a very simple way of expressing our endless gratitude for their loyalty, their patience, and their willingness to join us on an adventure in website development/managed solutions. We have learned so much from everyone and every new relationship just adds to our humble appreciation of everyone.

We have learned that our process of thankfulness is vital to everything we do. Here are five ways that we show our gratitude:

1. Have an Healthy Sense of Gratitude

Open your eyes. Recognize the beauty of your surroundings and where you fit in. Time is far too short to not recognize beauty of a sunrise or the peace of a sunset. Generally, there is far more right than wrong with any situation. Focus on the positives and let them guide your next step. Appreciate the guidance you receive from situations and major players in your life. Make a habit of recognizing those moments when thanks is in order and give it.

Be grateful for the opportunities you have had at the beginning and ending of every day. Appreciate the comfort of your environment, the moments of peace in your life, and the relationships that help you daily.

2. Share Freely

I like to believe that we are all innately good at the core. We all have things that we no longer use that would benefit others. Gifting to others is just the start of sharing.

  • We don’t ordinarily think of time as a valuable resource, but it is. Gifting your hours is a sacrifice that others are deeply grateful for.
  • We are all consumers of knowledge. It is our responsibility to share what we have learned and actively learn from others. Ask questions, answer questions.
  • The strength of our bodies is a resource as well. Many in our community are not as able as we are. Lend your strong back to help others when they are need.

Find causes you believe in and donate to. Give money/goods, time, knowledge, and your strength to help them achieve their goals. You can show your thankfulness for what they do and they will show theirs for your gifts.

3. Contribute to Others

Speaking of sharing, contribution is taking it to the next level. Our talents have been formed by our different experiences. Our work experience, education, even the way we play, has formed our diverse set of talents that can be used to help others. As a community, we are made up of individuals, but are more reliant upon each other than we realize. Just by recognizing this fact, we can work to ease the burden of others.

Look for opportunities to enrich another’s experience:

  • Take a moment to learn more about what’s valuable to them and find out how you can help them.
  • Be an advocate for others when they need another voice to support theirs.
  • Introduce them to others who have influence and encourage them to use this as a resource.

4. Build Community

Life can be a lonely experience if you let it be. Our world is moving at a faster and faster pace with technology making us increasingly detached from one another. The truth is that we are community creatures that rely on others to validate us and that is becoming increasingly difficult. Isolation culminates in depression.

We need to take it upon ourselves to look for opportunities to get people together that doesn’t rely on holidays. By helping to create these communities, you instill a sense of belonging and well-being for others and yourself.

Invite others into your home. Host or join get togethers of people who have like interests. Create, build, invest, laugh, and cry together. Others will be thankful for you and you will be equally thankful for them.

5. Greedy Gratitude

This is the hardest for us to do. We are taught that it is a sin to be self-praising. We never want to be labeled as selfish or prideful. If we begin to take the time to truly appreciate what we have done, then we can see how that can benefit others. Look in your life’s mirror occasionally and be truly thankful for what you done without tainting it.

My friend Bob makes wallets in his spare time. When he takes it out of his pocket, you can see the pride in his face as he shares that he did indeed make it. He quickly gives credit to all those who helped him, the skills he gained, the materials he used, and how proud he is of the product. He shares his experience with others inspiring them to create as well.

Take time to truly appreciate the fruits of your own labor. You do good work for a good reason. Being thankful is inspiration to continue on the path of creating/making/laboring.


I know that giving thanks is fundamental to growing and becoming the next best you that you can be. We, at Tinypint, sincerely appreciate everyone who has been generous enough to grace us with their business, their presence, their help, and their guidance. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you have gifted upon us.

Authored by:
Joshua Yuhas, Tinypint

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