The amount of effort or time it takes for me to put on four necklaces, two pairs of earrings, two bracelets, a ring, a short gold dress over bright purple leggings, brown over-the-knee riding boots and a multi-colored/multi-patterned floor length flowing jacket

is almost exactly the same as if I put on gray sweatpants, a black t-shirt, tennis shoes, a sweatshirt and my hair in a pony tail. But the difference in how those two ensembles makes me FEEL is dramatically different, like night and day.

Every single friggin day, regardless of where I’m going, what I’m doing or who I’m going to see, I DRESS like I’m going somewhere important, doing something exciting or seeing someone interesting. Like it’s my time to shine. Like I’m somebody special. Like I have somewhere fascinating to be to do something that matters to the world. Like I don’t give two poops (and I don’t) about what is appropriate, what is over the top, what is popular, what is typical, what is cool, what is in style.

Like today is a special occasion.

Because today IS a special occasion. Every day IS a special occasion.

And if I’m dressed like I just rolled out of bed, I FEEL like nothing special. Like the day doesn’t matter to me. Like I’m too tired to show up for my life. Like I only care about the colorful expression of who I am on certain days. Like I don’t care. Like I want to hide or sneak around unnoticed. Like I don’t want to play with the world outside.

But when I adorn myself, decorate my temple, dress with joy, creativity and confidence, and color my world boldly from the outside, I support, express and acknowledge the enormous world inside and allow it to shine outward, to interact, to engage and to be engaged. I invite the Universe to bring to me whatever and whomever it wants to bring to me that day. Because I am dressed for anything and ready for anyone. Acknowledging that I am excited for each and every day and all of the surprises, experiences and people it might call to me.

Fashion is completely irrelevant to me with regard to labels, brands, what’s trendy, what’s cool, what’s popular, what’s “appropriate”.

But with regard to how I want to interact with the world outside, how I want to SHOW UP to my life, to present myself to the world, to invoke the best possible outcome of each day, and to how I want to express who I am and how I feel inside, fashion is a most magical and fascinating tool.

Put your fancy pants and dancing shoes on even if it’s Monday, even if you’re going to the office, even if you’re tired, even if you’re insecure, even if you’re embarrassed. Put your bold and beautiful on, fearlessly combining colors and styles. Put your bells on, every damn day, in some way, and SHOW UP to your life so the experiences and people awaiting you can find you amidst the crowd.

You’re vibrant, You’re unique, You’re beautiful and You’re so worth seeing.


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