The Closure

A story so short, destiny decided to concoct
He and She met on an unknown path
On an unknown ride in their stride
A meeting so ordinary to their contrary
Shaped the rest of their life
Love flourished, they soon became husband and wife

Simple and sweet, without any grind
And so God decided to change his mind
Reasons to separate them, he began to find
Umpteen games, many pains
Many a fight, Many a slight
They glued together through ebb and flow
Alas, they separated before the final blow

Their emotions took a strange turn
Having suffered many a burn
Feeling of loathe emerged in both
Their wounds began to bleed
Pleads of the other they refused to accede

Many made use of their situation
While they lay wounded in their own confusion
They continued to fight
With more vehemence every time
They lay entrapped 
What a mishap!
Good sense prevailed, they both had failed
Cognizant that their love lacked credence
Decided they to abjure their allegiance

They knew it was time, both in their prime
Absolved of guilt up to the hilt 
Only Love remained, Now no hate
Both at last succumbed to their fate
Resolved to aim at an early closure
Before they again lose their composure

A sense of relief, hearts heavy with grief
They both survived, the day finally arrived
Eyes wet, freed of debt
Excruciating pain, they couldn’t abstain
Holding their breath, akin to death
They avoid a glance, it’s their last chance
The final step right ahead
The chasm of separation now they dread
They refuse to look, now released of any hook
They swiftly part, their final depart
Silent sobs, deafening ache
Dead inside with eyes awake
They mourn the silent death
With every passing breath
Now on discrete track
Never to look back