Bitter Melon Extract, Charantin: Natural Raw Material for Reducing blood glucose

Bitter melon extract is extracted from the dry fruit of cucurbitaceae hurb bitter melon. The main ingredients are natural active ingredients, such as charantin, polypeptide-k, and elaterin etc. The general specification 2% 5% (UV health food total saponins measurement). The pharmacological effects of charantin are dispelling summerheat to relieve exterior syndrome, improving eyesight and relieve internal heat, diuretic and cooling blood.

The efficacy of bitter melon extract is for auxiliarily decreasing blood sugar. It is often seen in auxiliary hypoglycemic health food. As the number of “three high disease” people (high blood pressure, high blood glucose and hyperlipidemia) is growing year over year, the safety and efficacy requirement for natural hypoglycemic raw materials is also gradually increasing.

The production process:

Harvest in summer and autumn, slice and dry in the shade. Arrange the raw material and put into pot, add 12 times amount of solvent, heat up and reflux extraction for 3 times with temperature controlled reflux extraction, the extraction time is 3 hours, 2 hours, and 1 hour respectively; filter the extracting solution for 3 times, condense the filter liquor under reduced pressure into extractum with the relative density of 1.10–1.20 (room temperature), spray drying, smash to 80 mesh powder, deliver to warehouse after package and measurement, then bitter melon extract is obtained. For high content, the processes of extraction, chromatography and crystallization are needed.

Main effects of bitter melon extract

1. Anti-diabetic

1.Anti-diabetic effect

The steroidal saponins (elaterin, insulin-like peptides and alkaloids) contained in bitter melon give bitter melon hypoglycemic activity. Elaterin stimulates the release of insulin and prevents the formation of glucose in the bloodstream, which may play a significant role in he treatment of diabetes, especially non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The hypoglycemic function relies on the following substance:

1) Elaterin, the crystalline material obtained from ethanol extract of bitter melon fruit. Elaterin is proved to decrease the blood sugar. Elaterin has the function of pancreas and outer pancreas with the slight spasm and anticholinergic effect.

2) P-insulin (or v-insulin, as it is plant insulin). It is pharmacologically close to bovine insulin with hypoglycemic effect.

2. Antiviral and others effects

Bitter melon extract has been proved to be effective for relieving pain caused by psoriasis, cancer, and neurological complications, delaying the the onset of cataract or retinopathy, inhibiting HIV by destroying virally DNA, and restraining lymphoproliferation as well as macrophages and lymphocyte activity.

3.Good weight loss effect

The bio-active ingredient RPA extracted from the bitter melon extract has a good effect of weight loss. The test shows that taking RPA 2mg-4mg, about 6–12kg fat will be absorbed. And about 3–7kg fat stored in the waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs will be decomposed.


High doses of bitter melon extract can cause diarrhea; For those who suffer from hypoglycemia and insulin-like diabetes, the bitter melon extract should be avoided to use.

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