Blipping on Purpose: A Millennial’s Guide to Embracing Temporality (draft)

To Blip: a minor shock, a brief upturn
Temporality: internal time consciousness
Temporality: the linear progression of past, present, future

Refusing the way of time by embracing and promoting trends. Why? The blips propel us forward. It’s not the unpopular moments, ideas, and events that create progress. It’s the small moments of popularization that represent the finest encapsulation of that moment in time. Call Me Maybe, the mohawk, capri pants, and Sea Monkeys.

Firstly, we must look at time as it pertains to three sets: the individual, the group, and humankind. For the individual, time is very personal and exists from birth to death. For the group (such as a school or a business), time’s existence lasts so long as the group lasts. This could be less than a day or several hundred years. Lastly, there exists the time of humankind, the most impersonal, yet the most influential.

The Individual:
The Group:

But there wasn’t enough time.

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