Purpose of living (draft)

most appear to live as if they understand the meaning of life.

reasonable knowledge excludes life.

i live in order to not live. no. nothing does in order to not do. something does in order to do something, resulting in having done it and therefore no longer needing to do.

a child does in order to not do. a child will clean their room in order to not clean their room. an adult will clean their room in order to create a clean and calm atmosphere, resulting in no longer cleaning the room.

“if a man lives he believes in something.”

purpose of life is self-perfection. (this is basically tolstoy’s conclusion)

why are humans faulty? maybe same as thermodynamics. entropy. as energy, we prefer to do nothing. and doing nothing is at odds with living.

“idleness means, then, that man finally does not agree with his own existence”

The way we feel close to each other is self-disclosure.

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