My Really Terrible Friday

What happened to me on November 18

Okay. My Friday, November 18th started nicely cuz I am still alone in my brother’s house. I am aware of my sister-in-law and brother coming home with their newborn son. It was a good Friday and I look forward on drawing something good.

However… that Friday turned out to be terrible which is ‘unexpected’

I saw on TV while eating lunch with our housekeeper.

Former president Ferdinand Marcos buried secretly in ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ (Heroes Cemetery)

image from

I was shocked, startled and went “What the WHAT!?” as I saw the breaking news at the dinner table. They actually did it… in secret. A hero’s burial for a president branded a dictator, a thief and a murderer who declared Martial Law. I do of course want to ignore these current events cuz it has nothing to do with me. But still I really don’t like a scum like Marcos given a hero’s burial. It’s all over Facebook and Twitter. Cuz we Filipinos are aware of his reputation during his term. I was a kid during those times… or not even born yet. The man committed a lot of atrocities to our country.

I still planned to draw and pretend I don’t know or heard about it. But things seem to change. I got a text from my elder sister that morning I should bring down the ‘baby seat’ of my nephew cuz they need it to bring the baby home. However my sister wants me to go ‘babysitting’ on another Friday.

Babysitting on a Friday? Which means I cannot draw what I plan to do for my BFF (best friend forever) Melody B dA user… ‘MiniRuri’.

“What a bummer.” I said to myself that afternoon. Oh well… I could use another 3-day rest.

In a cab and the crowd of Angry students

So begins my terrible Friday of November 18th.

The reason I can take this opportunity is to get paid for my time of babysitting my nephew Emmanuel is to get extra money for medicine money and food I can enjoy in my sister’s house. I did set off at 5pm that afternoon and took a cab. But things didn’t turn out quite as expected.

A large crowd of anti-Marcos and UP students occupying Katipunan avenue. (Image from Rappler)

There was a large crowd of angry protesting students and anti-Marcos swarming Katipunan avenue. The road I take leading to the condo where my sister lives.

“What the hell is this?” I said to myself as I see that vehicles are stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes. A large number of collage students that came from UP (University of the Philippines) have blocked the path of the cab I’m in. Those kids have obstructed the entire avenue shouting ‘Marcos is NO hero’. Placards, signs and people raging about the ‘heroes burial’. It is about an hour since I left my brother’s place and the cabbie told me he can’t make it further due to the things ahead. As a result… I had to continue on foot.

My long walk from Miriam College to Sofia Bellevue

Exercise or not

Due to crowded Katipunan Avenue on the way to my sister’s place I got involved in the rally of UP students. I brushed my way through a lot of complete strangers as I walked that night where they rallied. I walked for long miles, feet or… I dunno… as I bathed in sweat on the way. Thankfully I arrived safely to my sister’s house after 1 hour or so of walking.

I awaited my sister’s arrival with my brother-in-law and nephew as I watched that show ‘Ang Probinsyano’ (the Province man’) every evening.

image by ‘TFC’

Then ate fast food and relaxed watching Chobits and BRS the TV before going home.

Motivations lost and Stamina loss

I managed to return home safely to my brother’s home that night at 12:30am. I got online to DeviantART and got my Skype going. So far things should get a bit better when I chat with Melody so I will forget about everything that happened. As I did try hard to get myself some encouragement I wanted some time with her… like a small chance of RP. But my BFF is really disappointed about not getting what she was expecting from me. I can’t really rush my art or have my drawing hand produce something quickly and render it in two to four hours. Besides… I need to get plenty of rest after that long walk and the pressures of drawing everyday and the lack of sleep. I turned in early that morning.

So on Saturday I posted a journal in my dA account telling people I lost my motivations slowly and falling. So I had to turn off my Skype status and kept it in ‘offline mode’. I didn’t turn my laptop on that night.

It has nothing to do with Mikey.

I also knew that my bro Michael Harris is going to be sad when I’m not around online to RP with him. Sadly I want to turn in and bid him goodnight last Saturday after seeing ‘Fantastic Beasts’ with my sister and cousins. My Skype remained on offline mode. My motivation loss last Saturday after Friday’s events had nothing to do with him even if he did get sad for my absence.

Sunday… I didn’t turn on my laptop cuz I will be going out to celebrate the birthday of my cousin’s daughter. My stamina is slowly recovering so my drawing hand can recharge. Drawing everyday and nonstop can cause me to lose concentration and miscalculate stuff.

Well… this is all I can say. But ‘MiniRuri’ did remind me that what happened last Friday cannot be undone by protests or objections. Some ‘Marcos’ loyalists did tell the nation to ‘Move on’ or ‘What’s done is done’

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