This is just the beginning

Dec 14, 2015 · 3 min read

The rush of setting out on the open road. The excitement in collecting a list of ingredients for a signature dish. Or the delight of lacing up my tennies for an afternoon dog walk in the brisk, winter air. The beginning is full of so much promise and anticipation. There’s the possibility of what’s to come and the thrill of taking on the great unknown.

Whether with the biggest, most epic road trip to date or the simplest dish in my repertoire, I’ll be the first to admit, I love the starting point. The first cup of coffee in the morning, the first play on a highly anticipated vinyl release, and where to start after getting off the plane on a trip abroad. There’s magic in the beginning, as it hopefully leads to something meaningful and memorable.

With Tiperosity, we are quite literally just getting started. On December 1st, we launched our latest feature. Visitors to our site now have the ability to create an account which means people can share their own tips with the rest of the community. At our core, the Tiperosity team believes in generously sharing knowledge, so this latest release solidifies version 1.0 of our web app.

The tips we have on our site are beautiful, little starting points. Short, concise, bite-sized bits of wisdom that hold within them so much potential. Entry points into being happier, more productive, better organized, and even making the next road trip more epic.

With the design for Tiperosity, we’ve tried to craft a brand that’s simple and clear. And to create an experience that allows you to find the right tips for your particular interests. Who knows, maybe there are a few new beginnings of habits and hobbies you’ll discover on the site. I know I’ve logged a few of those as we’ve been working on this idea over the last few months.

One challenging thing about design, sometimes the beginning is the hardest part. The blank screen or the sketch pad without any scribbles can be terrifying. To get the process going, you have to start somewhere. I’ve collected my own tips, tricks, and hacks to get moving on that beginning phase that I generally love so much. Those are specifically related to what I do for my career and I’m sure I’ll be sharing those on our site in the coming weeks. I’m also looking forward to discovering new tips to start me down paths I haven’t yet been interested in.

That’s the power of a good tip. It not only starts you down the road of something you’re already into, but it can create entirely new interests. Ones that you didn’t know you’d enjoy, but you just needed that beautiful little bit of wisdom to get you going.

– Justin @justinkemerling

Originally published on the Tiperosity blog. Tiperosity is a tip-sharing community for smarter living. Visit to add your bite-sized bits of wisdom.


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