An Alternate Pipeline for Bay Area Tech Talent

How Barrie Hathaway + The Stride Center are opening the tech sector to people of all backgrounds

Barrie Hathaway, The Stride Center Executive Director and Chris James, founding Tipping Point Community board member, at the 2015 Tipping Point Awards Breakfast.

Since 2009, Tipping Point has invested in The Stride Center, which prepares low-income individuals with the skills and confidence needed to secure jobs in the IT sector.

“This region is thriving because of the tech industry. The Stride Center is providing pathways to living-wage careers for hundreds of people in tech companies that can’t hire fast enough. Last year alone, Stride candidates were hired by 120 different Bay Area companies.” — Barrie Hathaway, Executive Director, The Stride Center

Watch Barrie’s speech to learn about how The Stride Center is impacting the tech landscape here in the Bay Area and his inspiring personal journey to this work.

Barrie Hathaway, Executive Director, The Stride Center — 2015 Tipping Point Awards Breakfast