Our Race Toward a Better Bay Area

Team Tipping Point takes on the 2016 San Francisco Marathon

Team Tipping Point 2016, from left to right: Annie Ulevitch, Wentao Xu, Randy Quezada, Elena Quezada, Andra Kubulins, Nick Arevalo, Casey Pechan, Jamie Austin, Sam Oltman, Carol Jin, John Ceremsak (members not pictured: Kelly Bathgate and Jessie Serrino).

This past Sunday, 12 people came together to form Team Tipping Point, a group dedicated to fighting poverty in the Bay Area. Each team member signed on to raise at least $1,000 over the course of preparing for the 39th Annual San Francisco Marathon.

The course took runners through the city streets, hitting beloved neighborhoods and historic landmarks. “From beautiful Golden Gate Park to fun and funky Haight-Ashbury district, from the stretch of 16th Street under the highway to the isolated waterfront, this run shows the many contrasts in our community,” said Annie Ulevitch, Tipping Point’s Chief Operating Officer and first-time team member. “It makes the case for why the 46 organizations Tipping Point supports are so needed.”

Annie isn’t the only staffer doubling as a Team Tipping Point member. “Team Tipping Point gave me an opportunity to translate a hobby into something meaningful,” said Carol Jin, Tipping Point’s Director of Finance. “Knowing that the dollars we raised from this race would support the community gave me the extra motivation I needed to train for those 13.1 miles.”

Senior Program Officer Nick Arevalo explained how his participation gave him a new perspective on the work he does every day. “As a staff member, I believe in Tipping Point Community. My role doesn’t require me to do any fundraising, but the race made me realize what an excellent product we have to offer,” he said. “Because our board covers all operating expenses, I was able to say to family and friends, ‘Don’t give Tipping Point money for my sake — give it because 100% of every dollar you donate supports top-notch education, employment, housing and wellness programs for those most in need here in the Bay Area.’”

Team Tipping Point has been running the SF Marathon every year since 2014, and its growing roster of members has together raised over $100,000 to date.

Top: Teammates Nick Arevalo, Annie Ulevitch, Carol Jin, Randy Quezada. Bottom: Teammates Kelly Bathgate, Elena Quezada, Andra Kubulins

If you’d like to join or support Team Tipping Point next year, be sure to follow Tipping Point Community on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also learn more about the program here on our website.

This post authored by Zeesh Mallick, Tipping Point Community Summer Fellow