Tippit: How to tip creators with cryptocurrency

It’s an exciting day! Today marks the launch of Tippit, a web app and Chrome extension that makes it easy to financially support your favourite creators with cryptocurrency.

Mar 29 · 4 min read

In this first post I’ll describe how Tippit works. If you’re thinking why on earth would I need to tip content online, check out the second post, which describes why voluntary support is a vital and growing part of the internet economy and how it is allowing new types of content to exist and thrive.

So how does it work?

Tippit provides a secure mechanism for content creators to link their Ethereum address to their Google/YouTube accounts (support for other platforms coming soon!). For creators using Tippit, it’s super easy for their fans to support their content by sending them an Ether tip.

This is achieved using the Tippit Chrome extension, and if you want to support content online, you should go ahead and install it (after you’ve made an account). Then just continue to browse the web as usual. Now, however, you have an important new ability! The next time you’re watching a YouTube video (for example) from one of your favourite channels, Tippit can prompt you to support that creator’s work:

Tippit can prompt you to support a favourite creator’s work. (Disclaimer: Kurzegesagt is in no way affiliated with this project. However, their channel is awesome and you should check it out).

If you wish to tip the creator, you’ll end up here:

Tippit pulls out the creator’s Ethereum address, making it dead easy to send them a tip. The exchange rate tool makes it easy to see how much Ether you get for your British pounds (or any other currency, for that matter).

Once you’re happy, click send and you’ll be prompted by MetaMask to sign and send your transaction. Tippit does not manage your Ethereum accounts, private keys or anything of that nature, so your security is safely handled by your trusted wallet provider.

Tippable Links + More

Once you have a Tippit account, anyone with Tippit can tip you by simply visiting your Tippable Link. They don’t even need a Tippit account themselves to tip you!

You can find your Tippable Link from your profile page in the Tippit dashboard. Go ahead and use it on your website, in your blog posts or in your email sign off. It’s up to you.

Anyone can tip you by visiting you Tippable Link

Finally, if you know the email or Ethereum address you want to tip, you can of course do that via Tippit too. Just search for the address from tippit.co/tip and you’re good to go.

You can tip anybody on Tippit by email address. And if they don’t have Tippit, you can still tip them if you know their Ethereum address!

Coming up next…

Tippit’s mission is to make it as easy as possible to support content you value online, paving the way for the new economy of the decentralised web. The core features laid out above are the first steps in doing that. We’re in Beta, but Tippit is ready to use today and you can get started by signing up at tippit.co and installing the Chrome extension.

There’s a whole lot planned for the future, including:

  • Integration with other platforms, such as SoundCloud, GitHub and others. If you publish on a platform you’d like to see integrated, please get in touch.
  • Support for DAI. If creators are to rely on fan support as a business model, a currency with a stable value is paramount.
  • Advanced settings for creators. Control how and when your fans are prompted to support you.
  • Advanced settings for the Chrome extension. You’ll be able to customise your prompt frequency and other settings to ensure the Tip Prompt is as useful and non-intrusive as possible.
  • Recurring tips/subscriptions on the blockchain
  • Tips held in smart contract escrow. Tip anyone in the world with just their email address, and once they verify they own the email address they’ll be able to claim the tip you sent. If they don’t, you can take it right back.
  • The introduction of the Tippit Card: reducing the fees associated with transacting on the blockchain network using payment channels.
  • Support for other cryptocurrencies.
  • … and many other ideas! 😁

One last thing: Tippit is a brand new project, so if you find it valuable and want to support our mission please do spread the word. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions just get in touch at mike@tippit.co. 😇 Thank you!


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Directly support your favourite creators. Join the community championing the internet’s new cryptocurrency-powered business model.

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