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Who we are

From the University assignment, we start to have an idea to contribute something which is valuable for the traveller community, especially the backpackers. We in here refer to a group of young people who have a great passion in backpacker travel and mutual experience in preparing a trip. No matter how short the journey is, preparing a single trip always has a bunch of hustle. Thus, this is the right place for you to know all the tips and tricks to ensure your backpacker journey becomes more handy and manageable.

What we do

We promise to provide every single thing which related to our backpacker life. Do stay in our blog as we will keep you up to date three times in a week. You might find:

  • Some tips for the backpackers to plan your simple and economical yet unforgettable trip.
  • Interesting destination around the world that famous among backpackers
  • Being inspired by the backpackers travelling story
  • … You name it.

What will you get

Well preparation is a good way to enjoy your trip.

If you have your dream trip and do not exactly know where you should start prepare it, WE WILL HELP YOU.

Or maybe, you have spare time ahead but unsure which destination you have to go, WE WILL HELP YOU AS WELL.

Perhaps, you just want to read some inspiring story to make you travel,

If you are not the person who have mentioned before, we believe you just come back home from an amazing trip and would like to share………………….. WE WARMLY WELCOME YOU WITH US AND THE WORLD.

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Why is Medium

We choose Medium as our blog because we believe “less is more”. If you’re looking for a fancy website with tons of animations and audios, this page may disappoint you. But if you’re find worth-reading article. Welcome to our blog.

Medium is for writing. And enjoy writing.
Medium is for reading. And enjoy reading.
Nothing less. Nothing more.

Are there any channels you can reach us?

Of course we have. Please visit us at:

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