Understanding the origins and concept of data matching

The process

In simple terms data matching is the process where two sets or more of data is collated and compared. This is done to ensure that all duplicate data is removed. Data matching makes it possible to conduct accurate information searches on a database. It is especially essential for businesses that have large quantities of data and information that is used for marketing and contacting existing and prospective clients.

Its origins

Data as an entity has always been around in the form written records through the centuries. It became a more specialized field when statisticians began to sift through and compare records of demographics, in the banking and insurance sectors etc. It was helpful in getting accurate information about various sectors. Data matching was done manually, until the advent of the computers in the post-war period of the 1950s and 60s.

Need for Data Matching

The use of data is to found everywhere from the private sector to large public organisations. For this it is vital that they have accurate and updated records that are error free. This is needed by large corporations, hospitals, government agencies, schools, universities and even medium and small size businesses. As it is not feasible to match data accurately in a manual way the best option is to invest in data matching software. This tool is of invaluable use in areas like marketing, education, insurance and banking etc.

Usefulness of Data Matching

There are numerous areas and domains where data matching is used efficiently such as…..

v The advent of the Internet has seen a steady proliferation in E-Commerce. Shopping online is no longer a trend but has become a convenient necessity and there are numerous online shopping platforms to do so. That is where data matching is extremely effective in linking products with varied descriptions as well helping to maintain accurate customer records.

v All large online businesses maintain massive databases of mailing lists. There are used to market and to sell services or products. The databases may contain duplicate records due to manual error or even technical glitches. Having software to data match helps to eliminate superfluous data and maintain an error free and accurate database.

v Data matching improves storage utilization and improved data transfer

v It is of immense use in the pharmaceutical industry and other areas where client privacy is a necessity. For that certain properties are added to the database to ensure that client privacy is not violated. Data matching helps to maintain that privacy.

v Data matching is of immense use in identifying any fraudulent financial transactions

v As governmental agencies from across the world have needs to collect large volumes of data of their citizens, which is then used to create large databases. Data matching helps to maintain error free databases to generate accurate reports, which are used to frame policies.

To get the latest and most efficient data matching software for your business you need to select a software vendor that is reputed and offers the best after sales support, while being competitively priced.

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