Hold on. I am confused.
Amanda Stevens

This is duplicitous.

You’re implying that you didn’t seek further punishment here:

Hold on. I am confused. Where do I ask for further punishment? Where do I use the victim card and say “I want X to happen to Ali?” I’m serious. Tell me where I say that.

But here you say:

After reading Ali’s post I am a little disappointed and wish I had spoke to TCG Player. Even with the article agreement, I should have presented the situation to TCG Player and let them make a decision.

When you posted this on facebook, you tagged TCGPlayer in the post. This alerts them to the post, and if they did any kind of due diligence, shows them that you felt regret about not speaking to them. This isn’t even a subtle workaround to messaging them directly. You may as well have PM’d Stybs/Their digital content manager. It’s semantics to say that you didn’t.

Something really, really shitty happened to you. I don’t think a reasonable person can disagree with that. But justice was served when Ali was disqualified. Justice was served when he was ejected. Justice was served when he apologized. Just as Ali doesn’t get to decide how you felt about his “joke,” you don’t, until he displays a failure to hold up his promise, get to decide whether it’s sincere.

As I said in my other comment, and on Reddit:

I think that the person/people at SCG who was telling you to not “press the issue” is the person who has more recently and unresolvedly wronged you, and it seems like because Ali is a more prominent target, he’s who you’ve chosen to pursue.

I’m curious as to why you’ve sought satisfaction or vengeance instead of justice.

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