7 tech startups that truly do amazing things

Pen Magnet
Jun 27 · 3 min read
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Gary Vaynerchuk is a vibrant Internet personality with 28 disclosed exits. He is particularly famous for his early investments in Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr. His observation about Nordic startup communities being ingenious in assessing consumer behavior led him to invest into Arctic Startups — the parent organization behind Arctic15 investment events.

In 2012, Arctic15 was just a normal startup pitching competition, with very few attendees. Today it claims 40% investment deals / investor-founder meetings ratio. Their usual method of pitching competition is to pool a number of angel investors and invest sizable amount into the most promising startup every year (this year this amount was $250000).

Lately they became much more than a competition. They started promoting community building that did noble things through 15 tracks, against glorifying unicorns and putting all investment eggs into those baskets. 15 Tracks came up to justify the event name Arctic15.

This October, it is spawning a clone in Stockholm.

This year I got an opportunity to be part of it in Helsinki. I came across some truly disruptive, impactful and technologically ingenious ideas.

Connax Oy: Imagine your self-driving car chip to pay at the gas / charging station. Imagine your house robot handling grocery payments. This Finnish startup aims to enable payment by devices — it’s been like missing since years and somebody finally did it. Being in extremely disrupting intersection of mobility + IoT B2B, it stands on strong technical shoulders of founders who have worked on Sonic Data Transfer and first ever GNSS tracker.

Innov4Sight Medical Technologies OY (aka Fertilator): How certain millions of parents would be, if doctors could be assisted by VR in ensuring perfect method of IVF or Embryo Transfer? With $50k-$70k / couple cost, fertility doctors’ training is a truly disruptive market that no one is looking at. While world is busy investing in defying age, no one has cared to invest beyond $2M in this startup due to ROI time being indefinite, despite having accredited professionals from NHS and having won several innovation awards internationally.

AddComposites: Make your product’s 3D models in Rhinoceros 3D. Import them into ADDpath Software, followed by Build. Ready. Industrial robots will batch-build your fiber or thermoplastic product. Aalto University is home to countless digital innovations in robotics space, and this one is no exception. Factories around the world are waiting for their robots.

Sportapost: This 3-people strong Arctic15 Finalist startup hails from Rovaniemi, Lapland — hence truly Arctic. But what they do is quite hot — if you are a sports team, you can flood your social media with posts using this single app. And even monetize lucratively from your sponsors. They already have 200+ teams under their user-belt. With free app and no competition, they can only grow.

Aito: Cloud database with predictive capabilities of AI, yet easier to learn than Tensorflow. Brainchild of Finnish AI master data scientists. Want to buy? 1000 free queries + subscription model (and pricing is predictive too). Want to invest? Market: 24 Million ML Developers.

EChargie: On Airbnb you share your house for rent. On Uber you share your car for rent. Have you thought about your electrical outlets? With electric cars just around the corner, this huge market is waiting to be tapped, and EChargie seem to be the only one around. Their plug-and-play measurement unit does not even require an electrician. Just set your unit rates on their mobile app, let drivers can find you on the map, and start minting money.

Resistomap: Bacteria learns about Antibiotics faster than AI, (at least as of now) and grow immune to them. That’s why WHO classifies Antibiotic Resistance as one of the biggest threats to humanity. The problem is, currently even hospitals can’t measure how much their patients are resisting medicines. Resistomap wants to make an impact by quantifying Antibiotic Resistance within hospitals. Impact? Reduced burden on public health systems — maybe in trillions.

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