Accenture to launch their new AI testing Services

Mar 3, 2018 · 2 min read

There is no denying the fact that 2018 has been the year of Artificial Intelligence. Companies across the globe are adopting the artificial intelligence systems that will help them grow their business and create innovative products.

On Feb 20, 2018, Accenture, an IT company released its new testing services for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Powered by the “Teach and Test” methodology, these services will also help the companies to monitor, build, and measure the Artificial Intelligent products within their in-house systems or at the cloud.

Accenture’s new AI testing services will work in two phases.

The first phase of ‘Teach’ will help the companies choose their models, algorithms, and data to train their machine learning engine. Moreover, it evaluates the different models that help in selecting the models to be used for production, while considering the compliance and ethical risks.

While, the second phase will let them compare the results with several performance parameters. Accenture also says that their AI systems will be able to address many other problems in human education and growth.

The company has already tested its AI testing services while training a virtual agent for a company that provides financial services. The virtual agent will be able to communicate with the AI systems and refer the conversations to humans when required.

The best thing about the testing phase was that the virtual agent learned 80 percent faster than previous attempts and achieved an 85 percent rate of accuracy.

Accenture’s methodology to test its recently launched testing services will also be able to check a brand’s performance using real-time analysis. The testing systems will take lesser time to get trained, perform a quick analysis and deliver faster results.

In addition to testing of AI systems, Accenture also offers testing services to help engineers to boost their technical processes and productivity thereby improving business performance. Accenture is a well-known company that provides testing services to more than a thousand clients across the world. The company is recognized as a leader in testing systems.

According to Accenture, the concept of Artificial Intelligence also needs to be introduced in the same way as that of the human education.

Now Google has also started to offer AI chips for advanced testing of systems to boost its machine learning mechanisms. This will help the system trainers to train and run their systems faster and achieve more productivity for their business.

Tech giants are continuously looking to make innovative testing mechanisms to help their clients test their AI systems more efficiently. Companies will be able to build and measure more reliable artificial intelligence systems.

Moreover, companies like Accenture continue to provide innovative testing solutions to measure the performance of AI systems, thereby helping companies boost productivity and achieve growth.


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