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A wrong lemma states “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” . This is exact example of its failure. 
The Pope might be an enemy of Trump since they are two authoritarians fighting for power but none of them is a friend of science, rational thinking or tolerance. The Pope -a theocrat and fundamentalist- can not be trusted in terms of meteorology or whatever. Neither can he be trusted in terms of non violence since he sustains anti abortion and anti women, LGBT-phobic, positions together with chauvinism and support to populists dictatorships of assassins -like Chavez-Maduro and Castro`s ones- or savagely corrupts like C.F. de Kirchner (former president of Argentina, the Popes country, one of the countries in which Catholic Church has more political power limiting progress actively and successfully). 
Moreover it follows that Trump and Pope has more than one factor in common.

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