3 Surefire Ways To Meet New People

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Dale Carnegie

When you’re an adult, making friends isn’t as easy as going to school and choosing who you would like to play with on the playground. Instead, you have to find time between work, family, and other adult responsibilities to even find time to meet people that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Making friends is somewhat of an art — it’s easier said than done, that’s for sure, but we also tend to overthink our actions. We worry that people won’t like certain aspect of us, we worry that they will think we’re dumb, we’re worried that they won’t have time for us — but in reality, these things are generally all in our head. Sure, sometimes this is the case, but if someone is worth being friends with they wouldn’t think these things at all.

Here’s the simple truth: making friends with people is easier when you don’t stress over whether you’re making friends or not. Believe that you are a great friend, that you are worth being friends with, and you will be. Simple.

But since I know that things aren’t always quite so easy, I’ve put together just three simple tips that will hopefully help you to meet new people, make new friends, and live happily ever after in friend-world. Here they are:

Spark up conversations with anyone you can

In general, most people are hesitant to just start up conversations with people they don’t know. However, when they are spoken to first by someone else, most people are usually also fine with carrying on conversation. This tell me that the issue here is not the conversation itself, but a matter of who makes the first move.

So break the mold!

When you’re standing at a bus stop, sitting in a coffee shop, or walking down the street, start by asking someone how their day is going. You don’t need to learn their life story or their family history, you just need to start small. You never know where things can go!

Actually take people up on those invites

Did you hear about that networking event on Friday but silently decide that you’d rather go home and binge watch your new favorite show on Netflix? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But if you’re really concerned about making friends, Netflix isn’t going to be your answer. (side not: there are caveats to this if your wanna-be free does not want to pay for Netflix and mooches off of you. In that case, they are not a friend…they are cheap.)

Don’t worry, you can still veg out to some Netflix later, but at least give the event a try. When someone invites you to something, say yes! That simple act may be the path you need to meet your new best friend! (second side note: your friend probably wants to watch Netflix too. Bonding moment.)

Literally go out of your way

So you’ve been trying to meet people for a while now, but your normal routine just isn’t lending itself to making friends.

…you see the problem here right?

We are creatures of habit. We tend to think that if things don’t happen naturally, they just aren’t meant to be. That if we are outside of our comfort zone then things aren’t worth it.


Maybe your next friend takes a different route home. Maybe your next friend is a member of that kickball team you’ve been considering joining. Maybe your next friend hangs out at the Starbucks across town rather than the one right next to where you live. Sometimes it really is just that simple. Step outside of that comfort zone. Go a different route home. If you do things differently, you experience life differently, and you meet different people.

Go on. Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Originally published at www.tipsywriter.com on January 23, 2015.

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