The Six Activities to Try when Teaching English in China

An exceptional opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, remarkably high salary packages along with several generous perks, and tremendous admiration from the students are some distinguished aspects due to which a large number of individuals are paying a visit to China for pursuing their English teaching career. In addition to imparting knowledge for a substantial amount of time, the teachers could most certainly spend the rest of their day by indulging in a series of popular activities, which would effectually rejuvenate their spirits and do not allow them to feel all bored. Know more regarding this by checking out the below-mentioned pointers.

· The connotation of karaoke or KTV is much different in China. Instead of singing songs in front of strangers, which is outright awkward, you and your friends would need to rent a private room equipped with hi-tech gadgets such as a large screen television, disco lights, sound system, microphones, etc. The entire setup paves way for an exclusive experience that you would always remember.

· Teaching ESL in China can be quite stressful at times and to unwind many considers joining the renowned Square Dancing. It is a trend where group of women dances in parking lots, public squares, parks, or any vast empty space by following a specific video. Apart from being immensely entertaining, this is an amazing way to remain absolutely active and interact with different kinds of people.

· Chinese calligraphy is extremely complicated yet utterly beautiful. It is known for cultivating one’s vision and nurturing his or her notion of aesthetics. To learn this particular art form and master it within a stipulated period, you are required to exhibit utmost dedication, efficiency, and patience. Do affiliate with a reputed organization and keep on practicing until you manage to get all the details right.

· The delectable Chinese cuisine has garnered extensive popularity all across the globe. When teaching English here, you must not miss going to the varied posh restaurants as well as street stalls to savor the unique items served. Starting from wonton soup to sweet & sour pork, roasted duck, Sichuan chicken, hairy crab, stuffed buns, sugared hawthorns, etc., each food is capable of tantalizing your appetite and making you drool.

· You can relieve the pressure of teaching ESL in China by playing Mahjong- a tile-based game developed in the early twentieth century. It is believed to be one of the best leisure activities that can sharpen your strategic skills and even let you learn a few Chinese characters. Now isn’t that simply amazing? Ping pong and badminton are two other popular sports to try here.

· According to the natives, Tai Chi is one of the oldest traditions of China. It has been in the country for over 1500 years and could be loosely defined as an internal martial art practiced for defense as well as enhancing health. You can surely try learning Tai Chi and see exactly how refreshed your body and mind feel afterwards.

If you are planning to teach English in China, it would be better to keep the activities specified above in mind as taking part in them can enrich your stay there.