Publications breaking out of the medium app into their own native apps

Medium has become a great place on the Internet to write on and to read on. Whether you’re a well known celebrity or someone who’s never blogged before Medium allows a person to find their voice and to connect with others who may want to read and engage with others.

As part of this Medium has allowed the formation of publications. The two that are quite popular and are in house productions from Medium are Matter and The Backchannel Team. I personally follow Backchannel as I think it is a great publication and because I really like Stephen Levy’s work. However I think that publications are currently trapped within the Medium app. When reading on a phone or iPad the best experiences with regards to publications are when that publication has its own app. In this way the content takes on a native feel. The content is also bounded in its own app which helps a person who wants to just focus on a certain type of content or content from a certain source.

This is why Medium should give publications the tools to easily create their own native apps for their publications. Of course these apps would hook into the larger medium infrastructure but would carry the branding of the publication. Ev Williams I know you’re a communications genius and would like your thoughts on this.

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