So AdBlock Plus has announced that it will start selling ad space on top of their platform. You might be wondering how this makes them any different from Google or Microsoft putting ads on web pages. Well, apparently AdBlock is the good guys because they have algorithms that have vetted the ads before-hand. There is another model that works by forcing their way into being the middle man that comes to mind. The MAFIA. They act as protection or whatever other “service” they provide and then allow people to only sell service on top of that.

This action by the makers of AdBlock Plus is disgusting. They built themselves up by not allowing others to show ads on websites. That is all good and well. But when you go and become that which you said that you weren’t… What are we to think. I would personally advise everybody out there to start using a different ad blocker as clearly we have been betrayed by AdBlock Plus. I myself use uBlock which consumes less resources and at least for now has not turned their backs on those they are supposed to be catering for.

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