COINDASH - July 17Th ICO Social Trading Platform

In July, the next ICO, another platform that promises to bring a certain amount of clarity, peace and serenity to the troubled life of a crypto-trader, will take place.

Many newbies do not know about altcoin trading. They never learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. They plunge into the world of trading and lose money because they do not recognize the market. The current trading platform is user friendly for newbies. However, they are not able to predict the exact price. Prices that go up and down in seconds make them confused. This makes a loss for newbies.

Is it so? Let’s try to figure it out!
What does CoinDash platform offer its future users and investors? In the beta testers platforms, I haven’t yet been able to get — so let’s use the our imagination!
Judging by the description, the platform CoinDash is a terminal with the ability to trade various crypto currencies, analyze the efficiency of its own portfolio, monitor real-time transactions of top traders, and copy those transactions that we consider beneficial. Plus, the platform offers the ability to automate certain activities.

Overview of CoinDash

CoinDash is a platform to track your portfolio’s performance. You will also be able to follow and copy top investors in the industry. The platform will help people that are new to the crypto space, or people that don’t have time to research, decide what they want to buy by seeing what top investors are buying.

Another great feature is the ability to copy another person who is participating in an ICO. This will be done by using an ethereum smart contract.

The beta, which will be available in July, is focused around ethereum, but they will be adding many other top coins. You give the platform your public ethereum address and will create a historical picture of your trades. As you can see from the screenshot below, it will help you analyze your performance and determine where you can improve.

Coindash gives something different. It offers a concept of social copy traders. This platform provides an opportunity for newbies to interact with veteran traders. Copy what the professionals do.

The ICO Coindash will be launched in July 2017. ICO will be completed until the desired cap is reached.
Coindash uses an etherium based token. CDT is a token that will be used for trading. With these tokens traders can invest in the trading platform to be launched. Total coin that will be available is 1 billion.
CDT Distribution Chart
50 % — will be given to ICO investors
29 % — minted for future development, users acquisition & marketing
20 % — allocated for early investors, core team & advisors
1% — will be given to bounty campaign participants

Many new coins are launched. Do you know the term pump and dump? This is a term in trading cryptocurrencies. Pump and dump is a method to lower or raise the price of a coin by a person, group or anyone with a strong influence on the coin.
This makes loss for investors and newbies. This is an unnatural trading scheme. Sometimes, pump and dump is done by the coin developer itself. Therefore, the coin used for pump and dump will usually be abandoned.

For veteran traders the situation is familiar. In contrast to newbies and new investors will feel confused. They hesitate to make further investments.


Everything is simple. The ability to observe and repeat the actions of more experienced colleagues.

Signal Trading

A social trading function that allows users to receive real-time trading signals from major investors.

Automated actions with CoinDash

  • Monitoring of ICO. A sort of IF-THEN statement. For example — if some ICO gets 75% of the “cap” in less than a day — INVEST a certain amount.
  • Automatic trading. Again, the IF-THEN statement when trading.

And as a “main highlight” — the developers offer not only to share experience and information, but also the opportunity to benefit from it. For example, you can earn CoinDash tokens if other users decide to view and copy your investment strategy. Mutual benefits to the person — beginner traders receive the necessary information, and experienced — extract additional profit, sharing their knowledge and experience.

The idea is quite interesting. I don’t know how all this will be work in reality. After all, trading in Fiat money is more like art than science.

To support the CoinDash please visit and participate in ICO which will be implemented soon. You may want to know the details of the concept of CoinDash? You should learn the White paper & Other sites.

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CoinDash Team

Alon MurochCEO and Dev

An experienced entrepreneur and blockchain developer, +4 years. Contributed code to many open-source crypto projects and developed his own P2P multi sig bitcoin wallet (bitcoin authenticator).

Adam EfrimaCo-founder and COO

Over 8 years living in China working in the financial industry and Fintech space, Adam has worked in CITIC Bank covering outbound investments for Chinese SOEs, in the past 2 years he was in charge of setting up eToro Shanghai operation.

Emmanuel GimenezMarketing

Years of experience in the blockchain space as a marketer and investor. Marketing is a second nature, aimed to introduce the world to an idea.

Ram AvissarMarketing and Community

Lawyer specializing in M&A / raising capital. Certified accountant in hi-tech division for EY. Veteran crypto enthusiast for 4 years.

Eli SklarDirector of Product and Dev

Veteran Crypto-Currency​ advocate and web development​ engineer. Eli brings in experience building large scale apps using cutting edge technologies, tools, and techniques.

Bar YarivDev

Blockchain developer and advocate. Years of experience in developing for top companies (Comverse, Xura) and startup companies. Previously mobile team leader and web developer.

Niv MurochDev

A developer at heart and soul, lead game, iOT and drone projects.

DamaiCommunity Manager

Faithful blockchain lover and communicator. Early investor of the industry. Rich experiences in stocks, encrypted assets investments, and ICO.

Jody HsuDirector of Design

Jody has experiences and skills in web design, graphic design, and front-end development. She also worked as a marketing planner for 2+ years and focus on user problem solving with background of industrial design.