COINDASH - The Social Circle Platform Of Currency Trading

In July, the next ICO will be held, another platform that promises to bring the busy life of crypto-traders a certain proportion of clarity, peace and tranquility.

In this crypto generation there are many possibilities, lots of sharing and experience. Here you can easily There are various platforms and ways in which you can do your skills in online trading. Trading is not always profitable, it depends on knowledge, skill, and almost luck. There are many applications based on blockchain, some are easy to use and some are very difficult to use. Blockchain applications should be accepted by beginners. Make money through investment, trade or exchange. You can choose freely in large projects that offer different types of services and products. You can find many possible solutions how you will run and secure your finances. In the developer team section, they can create many of the projects they want. Businesses can attract investors depending on their strategy and much more they have to mention. In fact, this new world positively changes the way we think about business, finance and transactions.

Social commerce both Social Traffickers, just setbacks share their trading signals, and allow other users to copy to generate the same revenue. The current forex social trade is the financial sector in most wind and water. The international community already has as eToro, ZuluTrader a very mature platform, the country will have the number of Formax FULLTOP, can be considered a recent rise of the new star. But he steps in large, slightly successful acquisition Zulutrader consolidated its operations in Europe, Russia and the Middle East this year, bringing the total number of users to 650,000, monthly turnover of 25 billion, and the basic form of dragons eToro confrontation. So it is considered a social transaction has proven business model in the foreign exchange industry.

How can social trading work? The following involves three aspects.
Have cattle. They need to know better than the average investor in this market.
Have green onion. Willing to invest money coming in to play.
There’s no service. In addition to providing basic trading tools, management accounts, livestock pull new operational tools, public communication tools, but also need to address the distribution problem.

Suitable for virtual currency social trading ?

Which CoinDash wants to do if ICO works social transactions? The block chain has features that all tracking records can be tracked, open and transparent account balances. In this sense, the platform will be no cost to obtain a large number of high investment net worth of ICO users, and regardless of willing users. 2017 can be said that the first year of ICO, a large number of projects funded through the ICO million to hundreds of millions with funding levels, whether it is to make a leek of money, leek or lose money in this area move in a herd. Finally, we should see whether the platform can design a benefit distribution program, and the constraints for the project sponsor Ping Heng ICO, between the interests of cattle, leek.

Finally, talk about the size of the ICO market, look at the statistics. 64 2016 ICO large-scale project, the amount of funds of $ 100 million. In May 2017 (excluding EOS, Tezos, Status, Bancor several major projects), has raised a total of 187 million US dollars. ICO has opened a new funding channel for startups, it will present according to the current trend of gradual channel IPO and VC. Become the main form of the market.

Operating System For Crypto Assets

The goal of CoinDash is to lower the barriers to entry into the crypto investment market by providing it
Tools and services that make the interaction, handling and trading of crypto assets
Accessible to everyone CoinDash will offer its products through an integrated platform
Designed with mainstream user thinking.

Some digital coins out there represent corporate fundraising for seeds, A, B and even C series to develop their products and marketing, all using cryptographic platforms. Other coins are behind revolutionary business and social ideas. They all try to be part of the development of startup based cryptocurrencies. But there are so many coins out there, how can we know which ones are legit and which ones will end up being a hoax?

The lack of information makes investment risky and emotional for us while most of us, who believe in technology, do not have the free time to understand and recognize the many hidden opportunities in the hidden crypto world. We all know it’s a big market that will grow in the near future and at the same time, we keep the distance from this market just because there is no convenient platform that can help us plunge into this world. Everyone hates risk at some level.

Being part of this project and supporting it, will allow one to be a part of this platform and have the opportunity to earn much in the near future, as more and more people want to find their way into this exciting world of crypto.

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