DOVU - Get a reward for sharing information

Decentralized App for Storing Data

Dovu is a futuristic project which actually rewards the client for sharing such data in form of tokens. These tokens can be used for transaction purposes and globally enjoying services. There are (Decentralized Apps) for securing your data and transaction purposes. These data owners not only hold control to access data but also on sharing and receiving profits for it. The data providers can also use amazing contracts in which they can set different conditions and rewards for data usage. The cancellation of contract, getting permissions, editing any points will be retained by the owners only.

Electro Technology

Electro technology has taken over the world. People are using different apps for travelling, creating data, sharing that data and for transactions purposes. But such activities benefit only the owners and not the users. In fact, the consumers have to pay for using these apps.

Protoclols of DOVU App

This all can be simply done by using our Protocol, which is used for data sharing within our Api market. Data owners can easily sign in & sign out from the agreements made with data providers using smart apps on phones or by websites. One of the best examples is (dApps). This app enables the user to unlock the shared vehicle on this organizations platform. The user logins to the account where the car’s data is encrypted through computer, the data can be sold or shared by the user whenever he’s driving the vehicle. As a result he gets rewarded for this. These tokens can later be used for availing the services like fuel cost, travelling means like bus and train etc. Every user in the organization is provided with a “wallet” for his access only. The user can decide whether to share and personal information or not.

Rewarding Criteria

The rewards that are being offered are based on data being shared, while keeping this information confidential and secure. The wallets provide the ease of accepting and spending (Dovu Tokens). The Api market revolves around the four major points. There is this data owner who owns some data, and then there is data provider who takes data from the owner and supplies it to via the documents form. The data consumers come in contact with the data providers through our protocol which is the main contributor and center of all sources. Organizations main vision and target is to make data transfer easier and valuable for the people. It is for public interest and their personal benefit in all possible ways. Majority of the companies remains non-transparent or conservative when it comes to data transfer. The reason behind this is the trust issues and competition with other companies.

Gateway to Digital Economy

The Dovu not only secures the data but also provides its users with amazing facilities of using it in exchange. Imagine being rewarded for driving a car, public transport usage, weather, infrastructure, parking, mobility etc. Sharing rides and car-pooling can be another way of generating revenue. Terms and conditions are legally enforced that again are for the good of all its users. All these plentiful servings are there thanks to the latest and outstanding support of such an understanding authority DOVU. That is obviously a new gate way to the digital economy of transportation.

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