Exchange Union Coin - a globally digital currency exchanges

Exchange Union Coin what is it?

Exchange Union Coin is a universal coin that allows interbank trading, clearing, deposits and withdrawal of funds

Objective of the project :

The bridge of digital currency exchanges around the world and carry out inter-bank trade, interbank clearing deal, deposits and withdrawals between various digital currencies and assets. Improving trade efficiency and exchange efficiency and implementing market distribution of liquidity and favorable prices for digital currencies 
. First, combine exchanges in terms of trade, deposits, withdrawals and clearing through agreements between digital exchange exchanges and offer discounts on trading fees; Provide transactions for lending and margin trading. Shortly thereafter, 
Build the Exchange Union Chain chain and realize the complete relationship between the digital currency exchanges using blockchain technology.

exchangeunion MISSION :- Bridge digital currency exchanges around the world and realize investors’ cross-exchange trading, cross-exchange clearing, deposits and withdrawals among different digital currencies and assets.

Improve trading efficiency and performance of exchanges and realize the market-oriented distribution of digital currencies’ liquidity and best price offers.

First, bridge the exchanges in terms of trading, deposits, withdrawals and clearing through agreements among digital currency exchanges and offer discounts on trading fees; provide deals on credit and margin trading. Soon afterwards, build Exchange Union Chain and realize the full interconnection among digital currency exchanges through blockchain technique.

Is it worth investing in the Exchange Exchange Coin?

Expert partnership between international exchanges, XUC will be published on exchanges within 2 months after the end of ICO. 
The liquidity premium XUC, high trading liquidity in the secondary market increases the value of the token. The premium for the universality of XUC, XUC can be accepted by most exchanges and used as an intermediary intermediary. 
Relatively large discounts from trade fees in exchanges. Increase in value due to transactions in lending and margin trading.

Total Budget Budget: 1,00,000 XUC Tokens 
The budget of the overall budget will be distributed among all the bounties in the following way:

Social Media campaign: 20% 
Blog / Media Campaign: 15% 
Translation Campaign: 15% 
Signature Campaign: 30% 
Slack / Telegram Campaign: 5% 
Other bounties: 15%

Payment will be issued after the end of ICO and Token Distribution. (Allow at least 2 weeks for calculations and allocations)

Asian Digital Currency Exchanges Unocoin, Coinhako and CHBTC Show Support for Exchange Union

The crowd sale will run from Aug 7th - Aug 31st 2017

Company name: Exchange Union

Company site:

Whitepaper link:

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