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I would like to introduce the Genesis Vision Project today. As you know, every person wants to invest in different areas in order to guarantee the future. we often do not know where and how we will make our investments, so we want to evaluate our investments through professional intermediaries. Often we can not transparently see how our funds we are entrusted to are managed.

It is possible to say that everything has become transparent and controllable since there is nothing hidden in the middle since the time of our life with Blockchain technology. Our eyes are always behind when delivering our investments to professional and reliable managers. we may have difficulties in tracking the performance of these managers and we may even suffer great losses from our investments.

When we consider the number of people trading on the Stock Exchange and the economic data today, we can see that the investment sector has incredible transaction volumes. There are long processing times, brokerage and commission fees on the stock exchanges. The Crypto Money Stock Market, which is starting to develop today, will take the place of classical stock exchanges in the future. Execution of operations with Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts brings incredible innovations to this field.

At this point, it’s a big deal to make investments in safe, fast, transparent and low-cost. If you have a close look at the Genesis Vision Project, you can see that this area offers incredible innovations. You can visit for more detailed analysis .


Genesis Vision ecosystem Established on Ethereum Smart Contracts, it is a centralized investment platform. It enables investors, managers and brokers to carry out every transaction on the chain transparently and quickly, many advantages for investors, many advantages for administrators and many advantages for brokers. they have to work with many brokers in the finance sector and have important developers to combine the Classical Stock Exchange concept with blockchain technologies and with the possibility of internal exchange to create an Own Supply Chain of the Administrators to create a supply demand that values ​​these tokens according to their performance and to investors to shape their investments according to these indicators making it possible to think that this field will be successful.


For investors: Control of managers and financial instruments, Transparent investment and profit sharing, Secure trade history and investment statistics

For Managers: Ability to trade with their own crypto currency, Unlimited trading strategy and scaling, Genesis Vision funding, Opportunity to reach new investors from all over the world

For Commissioners: Increases in trading volume, Free Participation, Open Source transactions on Stock Exchanges


Investors can trade with a vendor using Genesis Vision Tokens (GVT), but they can also have executive tokens that gain managerial tokens by purchasing these tokens and are valued according to the performances of the managers. executive tokens are open for trading and can be bought and sold on the platform at any time. All transactions are carried out through brokers through GVT. a different currency is not accepted. The platform currency is GVT. GVT Ethereum ERC20 can be exchanged at all exchanges because it is token.


Total of 44,000,000 GVT will be sold to 75%, ie 33,000,000, and 25% will be allocated to funding, advertising, consulting, bounty and team members as stated in the GVT table of 11,000,000 GVT. unsold tokens will be burned so that investors’ fund values ​​will be preserved. the number of tokens to be printed will be directly proportional to the number of tokens sold. 

10.000.000 pieces will be sold with GVT option program. (15 SEPTEMBER 2017–15 OCTOBER 2017) 
GVOT30 = 30% for the first 20% bonus = total 2.600.000 GVT 
GVOT20 = 20% bonus for the next 30% = total 3.600.000 GVT 
GVOT10 = 10% bonus for the remaining 50% = total 5,500,000 GVT 
remaining GVTs will be offered for sale as 1 GVT = 1 $ in ico process.

Option Program participants can participate in the program by paying only 5% of their investment. the remaining 95% will be paid on 15 October 2017, which is the first day of the icon, and they will be able to receive the entire GVT together with the bonus. option program can be thought of as a pre-order program. For example, if someone wants to invest $ 100, he will pay $ 5 during pre-order if he wants to buy the GVOT30. The price of 95 dollars will be paid on the first day of the icon and it will have 130 GVT in total. if he does not pay the first day he will give up on this.

you can make sample calculations on the dashboard they prepared. To join iCo, visit


MAPS Immediately After Genesis Vision Team Ico In the first quarter of 2018, the MT4 / MT5 will be integrated with the Alfa version. 
Beta version will be included with Crypto Exchange. Version 1.0 will be released towards the end of 2018. Version 2.0 will be released in late 2019. 
Immediately after the recruitment, GVT tokens can be bought and sold in the existing crypto stock exchanges. Updates to be made on the route map will cause an increase in the value of GVT tokens.


I can say that it is a very professional team. Among the consultants, the most notable names … you can examine the linked profiles of those concerned.


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