Artificial womb pregnancy — Tracking app-UX-UI Design

Tirtza Shatz
4 min readJun 27, 2022


As part of my UX-UI studies, I have been asked to design a futuristic app,
I had an idea to design a tracking app for artificial womb pregnancy.
So, imagine that you have the opportunity to have the pregnancy process outside the body. It can be a game-changing point for our rise.

  • The development of the product and its entire design process I did completely alone over a period of two weeks.

Work process:
who was my target group?
1. Women who can’t hold a pregnancy in their own bodies.
2. Women that choose not to carry the pregnancy in their bodies.
3. Men who want to have a child without a female partner or third-party participation.

Artificial womb pregnancy can be a very emotional process for the parents. This is the main issue that I was focusing on as problem statements:

  1. Artificial womb pregnancy can be perceived as an “unnatural” process, and therefore can be dangerous.
  2. The parents will want to know 24/7 what is happening.
  3. Fear from the unknown.
  4. Feer of losing the baby.

My user persona is a 39-year-old man who chooses to have a child in an artificial womb.

I conducted interviews with several men, some of them were already fathers and some of them were not.
The results were quite interesting! Almost everyone agreed that they did not want to see the baby at any stage of the pregnancy.
Some wanted this as an option from later stages of pregnancy.
Everyone wanted to know the sex of the baby as soon as possible.
Everyone agreed that they wanted a lot of medical tests and as much as possible to monitor the process medically.

One of the most interesting conclusions I could draw from the interviews was that pregnancy is a process accompanied by fears and anxiety.
And the premise that available information can reduce fear and anxiety is the conclusion that will lead me in developing and designing the app.

The main features in the “MOTHER LAB” app are:

  1. Doctor’s appointment
  2. Close monitoring of the latest test results around the clock.
  3. Information on the development of pregnancy by weeks.
  4. Recording a sound file and sending it for playback to the baby.
  5. 3D camera.

3. Information on the development of pregnancy by weeks.

4. Recording a sound file and sending it for playback to the baby.

5. 3D camera.

Why did I choose this design language?
At the beginning of the process, I was sure that my app would be completely white, this is our cliched perception of products from the future that was probably dictated to us by cinema and visual culture.
Because I saw among the problems I faced a problem of trust that if I solved it I could change my basic user experience during the pregnancy process, and this is a wonderful thing to do!
I decided to combine the colors of galaxies (symbolizing the future and looking ahead) with an organic system of blood and organs.
I build a perceptual bridge for the user, between the body and the lab, and produce a system of trust between the product and the user.
I believe that in such a process we fundamentally need.

In conclusion:
In this app, I tried to maintain constant contact with the user through a wide range of interactions and create a safe space for receiving and sharing information, and enable a pregnancy process that supports parents and allows for a peaceful period of anticipation and excitement.

See you in the future!