Lifehack for the Easily Overwhelmed

Maybe I’ve always had this planning-personality, or maybe (work)life has gotten me even more on the edge — either way I realize after multiple travel experiences with ‘Let’s just wing it’ people and unexpected requests at high stress work situations (like at events), that I am a reactor not a responder*.

*Which means, when something goes wrong, I will express how it makes me feel first (anger, sad, happy) than digest the issue and logically deliver my solution. 
This isn’t to say I dwell on the problem. The time it takes between reaction and response does take a few seconds, but it usually overwhelms me first. It feels like the messenger of the bad news has dropped a brick on top of me.

Lately a lot of things agitate me easy, if more than 3 people messages me at once demanding something for work — I will feel like throwing my phone out the window, on the tracks and let it get run over by a train.

Life is better when I meticulously pre-plan everything so I don’t blow up over last minute little shits I didn’t take into account.

In projects and plans I’ve made, I take into account all the things that can go wrong and made sure if one of those things happen, I have the solutions in my pocket ready to go. Being well prepared is great for my mental health.

I used to express my anger and frustration loudly when I was way young- throw things everywhere, confront people when they’re wrong, write about it, tell other people. But I’m not young with zero consequences anymore — so I need to find other ways to express. And I also need to reduce the root causes of stress, which are predictable in workplaces (most of the time).

Is this what adulthood is going to be like? Managing yourself 99% of the time?

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