A Letter To Sheryl Sandberg
Katie Hafner

Katie -Thank you for expressing some of what I have been feeling over the last week. I’m your daughter all grown up. Except I lost my mother to cancer (she was 35) and then my father to a heart attack (he was 37). I still have trouble facing the sadness in the eyes of others when it comes up; the “wow, I’m so sorry…” that trails off. I have had a lifetime of what I call Daymares — imagining the worst possible thing that could happen when someone leaves me just to go to school or the store. But as consolation and hope for you, all of that is such a small piece of who I am now. I have a wonderful husband who adores me and two teenage sons who are amazing. We are a steadfast unit. And if I get a little weepy at the moments that my parents are missing, it just makes me hold my family closer along the way.

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