As I mentioned in this video, I’m inclined to believe the Media’s sudden interest in demanding morality from their peers and politicians around sexual misconduct is just another tactic from powerful political manipulators.

I believe a tactic designed to be a round-a-bout way to pursue an impeachment of Donald Trump.

Or, at least, the setting up of a play to prevent his re-election.


  1. Right now, women are hot. They are the new high value political identity group to which politicians pander. Racism and police brutality have lost their political capital (and sexy). With the reveal of white paternalistic liberals financing certain mainstream “black power” movements, credibility has been lost. So, women have replaced racism as the political issue of choice this season. [Note: You can be sure that whatever “issue” dominates the news is the one with the most political capital].

2) What offends women voters most? Sexual perverts, harassers, rapist, and, of course, pedophiles. Therefore, all you have to do is make your political opponent one of these characters, socio-psychologically manipulate the public into never daring to question a woman who makes such an accusation, and wallah! You will have at least 40% of the public thinking the way political manipulators need them to in order to ensure the outcome they desire (and salivate over).

So, although, the issue did NOT cost Trump the election (because they were sure Hillary would win) it, now, appears to be the only issue where they have hard “evidence” on Trump.

And that evidence is, the damning Access Hollywood tape.

Something the media is waiting to exhale and remake into an ax in order to further grind down Trump’s credibility with women — again remember — a huge and coveted voting block.

So, I’m going out on a limb here and say that I’m inclined to think that Matt Lauer and all other progressives in media, Hollywood, and politics being outed are, in effect, sacrificial lambs for the greater progressive good of impeaching Donald Trump.

It started with Weinstien and now it’s trickling down and out. And, these damning media reveals are not as random as they look.

So, why are they (i.e., liberal/progressive political manipulators in media) sacrificing their own? Why are they suddenly outing people they ignored or covered for, for decades?

Answer: Because political manipulators are designing the ultimate play.

See, these progressives know the skeletons in their own closets. So, if they plan to ultimately come for Trump on a moral basis around sexual offenses, then they need to quickly clean house (or feign cleaning house).

Or else, the hypocrisy of the obvious skeletons in their camp would be so flagrant — the public would drag them for filth on Twitter and NOT take them seriously.

So in order for them to appear sincerely outraged and intellectually honest in reporting on these sexual misconduct events, they need to open the closets they long secured on their own so they can be able to say with good conscience and credibility,

“See, we are not biased. See the evidence of how we held those in our own ideological camp accountable?”
“ Now, you Republicans must do the same with the sexual perpetrators we find in your camp. For, we can no longer tolerate this behavior against women in our government or society. Remember Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood comment? He was NEVER held accountable for that.”

In other words, this sexual harassment “snitch fest” is dominating news because it is enabling them to “set-up the narrative” that they “hope” will ultimately become the charge upon which they seek to impeach Trump — this term at best, or prevent his re-election — at least.

How do I know? Why do I believe such? Have I been drinking conspiracy theory Hennessy? LOL! :)

Nope. I’m paying attention to the narrative and phrasing.

Listen to what they are emphasizing in these sexual assault discussions?

“Changing the cultural perception.”

“We can’t tolerate this in society.”

“We can’t tolerate this in government.”

Male privilege and patriarchal society are the sexy hipster terms seasoning this conversation. For, sexism is the new problem in society that progressive moral busy bodies must solve.

As was racism (and its sexy terms — white privilege and micro-aggression) the problem to solve every political season during the Obama administration.

Notice how far reaching the claims — you don’t even need proof anymore. Plus, they are making it socially unacceptable to use common sense and question any woman making suspicious claims of harassment or assault.

Was it a coincidence that tonight a CNN anchor choose to feature Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape in the context of the latest sexual harassment accusation against Democrat congressman Conyers?

But, here is the real tea.

These political manipulators and operatives in media, Hollywood, academia, and Washington DON’T GIVE A DAMN about women or them being sexually harassed, raped, or abused. This is evident by how many knew of REAL violations and kept quiet.

Like police brutality issues (real, exaggerated, or made-up), political manipulators are now EXPLOITING these sexual incidents (real, exaggerated, or made-up) because their is political power to be gained by exposing it and making it a national outrage and conversation.

We are only talking about it so as to socio-psychologically manipulate a hyper-suggestible people. We are talking about it to provoke hyper-suggestible women to mobilize around their pet political identity issue and take action at the ballot box.

My prediction is, if they (i.e., liberal/progressive manipulators) succeed in getting rid of Trump on this basis (via impeachment or prevents reelection), then I bet you will see most, if not all, of these liberal men who have been outed as harassers forgiven and REINSTATED back to their roles or other influential roles in their former industries.

How do I know? Because,again, they are setting-up the narrative for such a come back NOW.

Particularly, notice and listen to the media narrate about Al Franken? It appears to be paining them to throw him and others in their camp under the bus.

So you find some narratives being oh so tender with him — in the face of suspicious evidence that shows his inclination to enjoying the ladies. In the face of credible witness and evidence that Franken is being “investigated” by the ethics commission in lieu of being dismissed or asked to step down.

Listen for these empathetic phrases in news reporting when the accused is from the progressive/liberal camp.

“He apologized.”
“If he admits guilt and gets help, then…is there a place for them….”
“Is there hope for them if they realize their mistake…admitting you have a problem is the first step.”
“If he gets help for his problem.”

For the record, I believe in redemption. I believe anyone who is truly sorrowful over their faults (i.e., sins), can receive forgiveness from God — even pedophiles. But forgiveness is NOT always to be had from, we, fellow humans.

It’s a bonus if people forgive you for your sins and atrocities.

So, you have no argument from me about media being optimistic and empathetic in their bipolar narration around sexual misconduct accusations against liberal men.

The problem is media’s lack of consistency.

But, I don’t trust them because of how censoriously and, often, erroneously they report when the accused is a conservative Republican.

Republicans who have been merely “accused” (often with questionable evidence) are reported on as guilty and convicted on accusation, circumstantial, or fabricated evidence.

And, there is no such redemptive language or optimism around them.

My point is, whether Weinstien, Spacey, Lauer, Rose, Conyers, Franken, or even Bill Clinton know it or not— they are taking one for the team.

They are simply political collateral damage because Democrats (and their hand maidens in media) are desperate.

And them outing their own (again, after covering for decades) is just another fugazi illustration of how desperate, ruthless, heartless, and untrustworthy they really are.

It’s illustrative of how far they will go to win power.

For, the ultimate agenda of all these scandals being revealed is POLITICAL POWER. A political power whose aim is socialism in America.

What we are watching is the motis-operandi of how socialism creeps into a society — while people are distracted and unaware.

Socialism is communism in slow motion.

And, socialism is where America was headed under a Hillary Clinton administration.

And socialism is where we are headed if Democrats gain control of this nation, again.

The Democrat Party are now flaming proud socialists.
And, Republicans are now Democrats from 40 years ago.


And, today’s Republicans are simply the staged opposition. That’s how they participate in all of this. They pretend to be opposition but they are, in effect, the Democrats’ b*tch.

Let’s be clear. Donald Trump is hated by Republicans because he really is NOT one of them. And, frankly that is the main reason I like him. :)


That’s my prediction.

These sexual harassment charges are nothing but a play being set up to create the narrative and social outrage that will revive old (or new) Trump sexual misconduct accusations with hopes it will induce an impeachment or engender such disgust it will prevent his re-election.

I predict the political manipulators that be — with their allies in media — will, try again, to bring women out of the weeds to accuse Trump of some kind of physical assault against a woman.

And to follow the playbook, these accusations will be decades old.

And I predict that if they succeed, you will see Rose, Weinstein, Lauer, and all the other liberal perverts they threw under the bus — forgiven, restored, and praised for their spiritual conversion and having “done the work” to recover from their foul ways with women.

And if they don’t succeed in impeaching Trump, still, after some time goes by, you will still see these liberal men forgiven, restored, and praised for having “done the work” to atone and recover.

And, it will be business as usual. And, this time when women tell — they will be ignored or justly interrogated for making suspicious claims.

Like Racism — women will eventually loose their political value. For, liberal progressives are known to over-play their hand.

When their exploitation of “women’s issues” and “empowerment” has run its course, it will be on to the next group to exploit.

I predict Muslims will be the next group courted and pandered to — as immigration always yields high political capital any season.

So what do you think? Am I on one? Or, am I on to something?

Update: 6/14/18: Since this was first published and to corroborate my suspicion cited here, the quest for the woman voter and the focus on sexual misconduct intensified this spring when a blast from Donald Trump’s past — Stormy Daniels — suddenly appeared to make her complaint against Trump. This was necessary, of course, because the Access Hollywood tape was unsuccessful. As of today, she’s been out of the news cycle for about three weeks now. I’m sure she and the AW tapes will make another come back the closer we get to midterm and 2020 elections.