Solving the Police Problem

Part 2 — The Role of the Local Church

by Latisha Grady

I envision the local Church running interference to strengthen an offensive of blighted urban communities by utilizing their elders and deaconate as BLOCK PASTORS.

What that could look like is one or two individuals would claim a “block” and commit weekly or daily go there to build with and serve the people. That’s it.

Simply find out what the needs are, help meet them — through showing up consistently (building relationship) so as to begin to change mindsets that lead to certain unproductive reactions we see, currently, in Baltimore and saw in Ferguson and that go on daily in urban and rural poverty centers across America.

Give the people, especially the young people, NEW EXPERIENCES that would translate into inspiration, creativity, love & respect for life, and, consequently, new productive mindsets.

Part 3: My Closing Thoughts

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